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Monthly Archives: September 30, 2019

The 15 Gifts She Actually Wants This Holiday Season

Gifting season is upon us, and trying to figure out what to get someone you love can be stressful to say the least. You want to get something they’ll not only love, but actually use, because it’s no fun when one of your gifts ends up collecting dust. That’s why we turn to Walmart; the…read more

6 Tips For Dealing With a Roommate Who Keeps Having Sex in Your Dorm Room

College is a time to find yourself. And in some cases, you may find yourself walking into your dorm room to discover your college roommate having sex. Living arrangements in college can be awkward, and that includes addressing the etiquette for getting it on when you share a room. As soon as your roommate starts…read more

I'm Happily Married, but I Chose to Stop Wearing My Diamond Ring

When my husband proposed to me, he presented me with a beautiful ring that featured a small diamond from his mother’s original engagement ring. I loved it because of its history and because it represented a commitment that we were making together. But, if I’m being totally honest, it never really felt at home on…read more

There's a Sexy Song to Suit Every Zodiac Sign, and We've Got Your Perfect Match

Whether you believe in astrology or not, there’s no denying the weird and wonderful ways our personality traits seem to match up with the characteristics attributed to our star signs. You don’t need to be into intricate birth charts or moon tracking to benefit from the wonders of astrology. Getting acquainted with your star sign,…read more

This Is What It Means to Be Sapiosexual

There are so many ways to define sexuality. From pansexual to bisexual to straight to gay to no label at all, there is no wrong way to love someone else. And a lesser-known term that recently made headlines is sapiosexuality. Mark Ronson, an Oscar-winning music producer, DJ, and songwriter, recently came out as sapiosexual when…read more