22 Struggles of Being an Adult One Direction Fangirl

I’m Hedy, I’m 29, and I love One Direction. This weekend’s England shows close out the boys’ On the Road Again tour, which could possibly be their last tour ever. I know they’re calling their upcoming plans a break, but let’s be real, a boy band can’t last forever, so this weekend might be the last headlining show of their own that they ever play. (They’re doing some appearances and Christmas shows for radio stations this Winter, but those totally don’t count.)

So to commemorate One Direction’s brilliant – if not stressful – five-year career, I wanted to share my day-to-day struggles of being a fangirl (Fanlady? Is that a word? Can I make it one?) who is no longer a teenager. Sometimes being an adult fan is awesome (Score! Tickets go on sale when I’ll be at my desk at work!). And sometimes it’s not so great (Bollocks! The autograph signing is in the middle of a Tuesday in July, when I’ll be at my desk at work!).

So crank up your copy of Four, fill up your 1D cup with your favorite adult beverage, and join me on this journey of loving these five beautiful British and Irish guys – because yes, One Direction will always be a five-member group, no matter what.

Source: Suger

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