29 Reasons Your Harry Potter Friends Are Your BEST Friends

You know how the first thing a normal person may ask a new friend tends to be about their job, or their family, or where they’re from? Yeah . . . they’re asking the wrong questions. The first thing Harry Potter fans want/need to know about a person is if they are in the presence of another true fan. If not, things can get a little dicey. If so, things can get amazing, intimate, and a little weird – fast.
Harry Potter fans are not like any other fans, and no matter where you go in the world, you can find a lasting friendship with them, because unlike other people out there, Potterheads genuinely understand each other. More importantly, they understand Harry Potter. If you love Potter more than pretty much everything else, then here’s why you need to find the Ron and Hermione to your Harry – if you haven’t already.

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