5 Cannabis Products That Can Help Relieve Period Pain and Cramps

I get terrible period-related cramps, and worse still, I deal with stomach acid and ulcers regularly. Those two don’t go well together each month when PMS rears its ugly head and all I want is to pop an ibuprofen to kill the pain, or at least alleviate it a little bit. Unfortunately, I can’t take many common pain killers because of my stomach problems, so naturally I’ve sought out some more, well, natural options for menstrual relief.

Cannabis has plenty of medical benefits, so the idea of combining the plant with herbs and oils to approach the pain and discomfort those who have periods are all too familiar with is a no-brainer. Unfortunately, some (but not all!) of the products out there are not available for purchase in states where marijuana is not legalized. Luckily, products like CBD oil contain extremely low levels of THC, the chemical compound in cannabis that results in the “high” associated with weed, and therefore can be purchased without a medical marijuana card and/or if you don’t live a state like California and Colorado where weed is legalized. Of course, with any medical product, you should always consult with your doctor before using since everyone’s bodies are different.

We’ve rounded up products from tinctures and bath soaks to rubs and oils that are believed to help with cramps and other menstrual-cycle-related symptoms, so if you want to go a more natural route for pain relief, read on!

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