Are You and Your Friends Even Cheetah Sisters If You Don't Own These Disney Channel Shirts?

Hot Topic is selling trendy t-shirts inspired by Disney Channel originals, and while we would have appreciated these, say, 15 years ago, we are grateful we get to gaze upon them at all! Designed by Her Universe, the t-shirts honor classics like Lizzie McGuire, The Cheetah Girls, That’s So Raven, and Kim Possible. What’s more, they’re all on sale – with the exception of the Lizzie McGuire t-shirt, which is, truthfully, the cutest aesthetically.

Again, while these t-shirts would have made a little more sense in the ’00s, go ahead and get your Cheetah Girls t-shirt. In fact, get four for you and your cheetah sisters! No judgment whatsoever. Check them all out ahead.

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Source: Suger

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