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Everything You Need to Know About Using Lube

If you’ve never used lube before and want to give it a try, or you only use it in times of drought, let us be the first to say: it’s a magical elixir that helps enhance comfort and pleasure in just about every sexual scenario. While using it still seems somewhat taboo or even scary…read more

Um, These 11 Animal-Shaped Sex Toys Are So Freakin' Cute

You know when people talk about being an “animal in the sheets?” Well, now you kinda can be if you get the right sex toy. Sex toys have come such a long way from the simple vibrators from back in the day. Now there are ones with glitter and rhinestones, ones that come in bold…read more

I Had a Threesome, and This Is What It Was Like

I had a threesome. It’s still sometimes hard for me to believe and people are generally shocked when I tell them. After all, I don’t come across as “that type of girl,” whatever that means. But here’s the type of girl I am: I’m open-minded, nonjudgmental, curious, and yes – sexual. I’m someone who holds…read more

8 Things to Know If You Want to Lose Your Virginity on Prom Night

In the movies, senior prom is always made out to be one of the most magical nights of your life, which is a far cry from the sweaty, sequined reality it often turns out to be. But despite all the hype, it’s still one of the last major events before high-school graduation, which means the…read more

Here's What You're Like in Bed, According to Your Zodiac Sign

Knowing what zodiac signs you’re most compatible with can be crucial in establishing healthy, long-lasting relationships, and that, of course, includes sex. But sex can also be incredibly fulfilling (and really, really fun) when it’s casual. No matter what your status is when you head to the bedroom with a partner, it can be beneficial…read more

Sick of Bar Dates? This Sober Dating App Is Changing the Game

I walked into my internship one morning last Fall, and as I tried to wake myself up with the free coffee we had in the office, I started to wonder why all dates just had to happen at a bar. I had gone on my millionth (an exaggeration, but definitely one of many) bar dates…read more

I've Already Met My Soulmates – They're My Best Friends

The older I get, the more I feel pressure to find “the one.” It was a joke when I was a teenager, but now that I’m 21, I think some people are actually surprised it hasn’t happened for me yet. It’s especially rough during the holidays and cuffing season when my family asks all of…read more