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7 Surprising Ways You Can Have an Orgasm Without Sexual Activity

You’ve probably only associated orgasms with sexual activity, and don’t get us wrong, you can get some pretty awesome orgasms from sexual activity or masturbation. Yet, there are actually a few other non-traditional ways to have an orgasm, so there’s no point in limiting yourself to just the sexual kind. It turns out, lots of…read more

We Found Your May-Born Friend's New Favorite Birthday Gift

Maybe it’s all the flowers in bloom or maybe it’s the official start of the warm weather season, but there’s something special about May. Buying gifts for May babies should be just as joyful and bright as the month itself, but if presents stress you out, don’t worry! We found gifts that all your May-born…read more

What It's Like When You Start Caring For Your Aging Parents

When we’re young, it’s rare that we think about our parents as old. We don’t picture them with wrinkled skin and gray hair or walking with a cane. But some of us have to deal with the reality of our aging parents sooner than others. It’s a tough adjustment to go through, but if handled…read more

7 Websites You Need to Plan Your Wedding

You just got engaged – congratulations! Now, welcome to the digital world of wedding planning. Nowadays, you can literally do anything from your desktop or cell phone, including planning your entire wedding with the tap of a few buttons. From booking your venue to ordering your dress and flowers, here are the seven websites you…read more