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21 Signs You’re Shamelessly Obsessed With Christmas

You smell that? It’s the sweet scent of holiday cheer. That’s right – it’s time for all the Christmas fanatics to let their freak flags fly. They don’t call it the most wonderful time of the year for nothing, duh. If you’re truly obsessed with Christmas, you’ll totally relate to these 21 signs – let’s…read more

4 Things I Wish People Would Stop Saying to Single Women

I don’t talk much about my personal life, especially on the internet. Why? Partly because I tend to be a pretty private person, but also because I’m a single woman in my 20s. Mentioning my singledom, whether to friends and family or in passing online inevitably leads to a slew of uninvited comments. It definitely…read more

86 Gift Ideas For Women That Are Seriously Genius

Ladies, we have a fierce gift guide for you. These are the absolute best presents a woman can receive in 2018. There are ideas for all types of girls, so you can’t go wrong. Check out the thoughtful and pretty items that every gal will want on their holiday wish list. Related: Your BFF Will…read more

7 Guilty Pleasure Romance Reads For Your Weekend Staycation

Cheesy romance reads have come a long way since the days of risqué novels featuring shirtless Fabio, front and center, on the cover. With messages of hope, happily ever after, and true love, romance novels have become a staple in every reader’s collection. This weekend, indulge in the best new romance novels of the season,…read more

33 White Elephant Gifts Your Friends Will Actually Love

If we’re being perfectly honest, nobody actually needs any of these white elephant gifts. But we promise that your friends will be ecstatic when they get their hands on these presents. If you’re looking to buy a gift with a little humor to it, look no further. Check out all 33 brilliant products you’ll actually…read more

These Ideas Will Bring the Magic of Movies Into Your Wedding

Do you remember that feeling of joy when Noah from The Notebook said, “If you’re a bird, then I’m a bird“? Or that Old Hollywood charm of Rick Blaine from Casablanca in his sharp suits? Well, there’s a way to incorporate that cinematic appreciation into your wedding. With some help from Be Inspired, we compiled…read more