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No Date, No Problem! 10 Things to Do Alone

You don’t have to be single to want some alone time. Although seeing a movie, going to a concert, and eating out are typical date ideas, doing these things solo can be quite liberating. While it may seem scary or maybe a little strange at first, it’s time spent alone where you can really discover…read more

50 Real-Girl Engagement Rings to Swoon Over

If you’re waiting for your significant other to pop the question – or maybe you just like daydreaming about that distant day in the future – girl, do we have some inspiration for you. We’ve searched Instagram for the most darling, jaw-dropping, cool-girl engagement rings from real ladies who recently had their beloved #putaringonit. With…read more

13 Simple, Everyday Ways to Make Your Marriage Stronger Than Ever

Making a marriage strong shouldn’t be hard work – it should be gratifying but small and simple efforts that the two of you make each day to take it to the next level. Always. This means a great marriage requires effort and love – not heavy labor. Read on to find some easy ways to…read more

Get Your Geek, We Mean Freak, on With These Geeked-Out Sex Toys

Everyone deserves to have the best sexual experience possible, be it alone or with a partner. And what’s better than being able to combine sex with your inner geek? Um, nothing. We got you, Whether you are a huge Star Wars fan, totally get turned on by the Power Rangers, have a little Guardians of…read more

3 Ways Attractive Women Play Hard to Get (That Work Every Time)

Need no-fail dating advice from women who can get guys without much effort? Emily Blackwood for YourTango explain the essential rules behind playing hard to get. Don’t worry, he’ll call. If your dating life feels like a constant carousel of falling for guys who never text you back (or send you the charming “sup” six…read more

I Grew Up in the '90s and I Suffer From "Clinical Nostalgia"

My name is Matt Boren – I suffer from “clinical nostalgia.” I am the proud innovator of a term you likely have not yet heard of, but one that may very well apply to you, too: clinical nostalgia. Of course, I self-diagnosed. You may ask, what are my symptoms? My condition starts with a lifelong…read more

How to Have Sizzling Sex While Chronically Ill

Living with a chronic illness impacts every aspect of our existence and can easily affect our sex lives. Patients may find themselves with decreased libidos, increased fatigue, or intrusive pain. All of these issues are a big bummer, especially when they put a damper on sex. But chronic illness doesn’t mean our sex lives are…read more