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Calling All Pisces! These 15 Gifts Are Perfect For Your Personality

Calling all Pisces, our time is here! Starting Feb. 19, it’s officially Pisces season. The sign is known for having creative, intuitive natures – and those water signs are so wise beyond their years. It’s time to celebrate being a February or March baby to the fullest with fun gifts that celebrate your zodiac sign….read more

100+ Swoon-Worthy Romance Books to Add to Your Reading List

If you’re a sucker for a tantalizing romance, start your year off hot and jubilant with these sensual books. Whether you love a bad boy, a good girl, or a passionate LGBTQ love, we have (almost) all of the sultry bases covered with the best romance novels that came out in 2018. Deep dive into…read more

It's Written in the Stars – the Hot Wedding Theme of 2019 Is All Things Celestial

Starry-eyed lovers, the wedding of your dreams awaits, thanks to these celestial wedding ideas. This year’s big wedding theme trend is all about star and moon motifs, astrological signs, ethereal romance, and the sparkly night sky. With dreamy decor and out-of-this-world-beautiful bridal pieces, it’s no wonder this theme has people starstuck. Ahead, we’ve found some…read more

13 Romantic Books With Reluctant Heroes Who Are No Match For Love

We all know the story: two people meet, fall in love, and live happily ever after. But there’s another story that us women, and women in romance, know far too well: the reluctant hero – the man who makes us swoon but won’t give in because of a misfortuned past, a misconception of what it…read more

The Quirky Charm in This Wedding Will Absolutely Warm Your Heart

Do you remember that feeling of joy at the end of a really great movie? Well, Rebecca and Ryan encapsulated that in their wedding, and these cute photos are the proof. “We wanted something personal, quirky, and different. Our color palette was millennial pink with navy and splashes of other colors,” said Rebecca. “We didn’t…read more