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These Colorful Disney World Engagement Pictures Are SO Dreamy

Disneyland makes for a magical backdrop to romantic pictures, but these images prove that Disney World is just as awe-inspiring. Couple Felicia and Dane bring out the best of the theme park during their adorable photo shoot. “The weather was crazy wet and rainy, but that didn’t put a damper on our scamper at all,”…read more

Why Broad City's Abbi and Ilana Are Our Feminist Heroes

In many ways, Broad City best friends Abbi and Ilana are terrible role models. Ilana is a worthless employee, Abbi is a pushover, and both women are mostly irresponsible and broke. That said, I adore them, not only for their dagger-sharp wit but also for their modern, dirty take on feminism. They stand up for…read more

31 Fierce Feminist Tattoos

Proud to be a feminist? Good – you absolutely should be. You might even consider a little ink to display your allegiance to the movement that’s made so much positive change for women. Ahead are 31 ideas to get you fired up . . . because feminism’s for life. Source: Suger

4 Sex Positions to Try When You're Snowed In

If you’ve been snowed in with your significant other, chances are, you’ve been able to think of a few ways to keep yourself, um, occupied. One of the perks of being in a relationship is the ability to explore new positions, techniques, and ways to up the pleasure ante with someone familiar. Why? Simply put,…read more

The 13 Sexiest Book Scenes of All Time

Indisputable fact: everyone – yes, even your 60-something-year-old mother – loves a juicy book scene. I fully support a solid TV or movie sex scene, but there’s something even better about the descriptive language authors use to set the mood to make whatever’s happening in the steamy passage really come . . . to life….read more

5 Benefits of Having Sex During Winter

Just like our moods change with the transition from one season to another, so do our sex drives. In fact, many experts say couples tend to have more sex in the wintertime than other months, both based on desire, availability, and well, boredom (cabin fever, anyone?). Psychotherapist Kelley Kitley says during the Winter, couples have…read more

The Essential Guide to Having a Work Husband or Boyfriend

He knows you like your coffee black with three sugars. He knows you have a serious addiction to Ryan Reynolds and that you and your best friend talk every day on your way home from work. He tells you when you’re having a great hair day. “He” is otherwise known as your work boyfriend, aka…read more

16 Extraordinarily Romantic Movie Quotes

Remember when you were watching Titanic for the first time years and years ago, and you basically could not stop crying because Jack is just so f*cking sweet and Rose opened herself up to love and that stupid ship sank and now they can’t even be together?! Yep, me too. That moment – and what…read more