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The 1 Thing I Wish I'd Known Before Using Tinder

In 2015, my New Year’s resolution was to find love. I was turning 23 years old and it dawned on me that I’d never been in a serious relationship. I couldn’t figure out why I hadn’t been able to settle down with anyone, but for the sake of not wasting time dwelling on it, I…read more

8 Mistakes Every Bridesmaid Should Avoid

It’s an honor to stand up in a friend’s wedding, and along with that recognition comes a range of responsibilities – but just how far do those responsibilities stretch? Where’s the line between helpful and overbearing, between celebrating and insulting? When it comes to wedding dos and don’ts, the boundaries aren’t always clear. If you…read more

Why You Should Absolutely Wait Until After 30 to Get Married

Lately, I’ve been seeing news of (very) young people tying the knot on my Facebook feed. And while I certainly don’t condemn them for taking their oaths early (when you know, you know, I suppose), I can’t help but feel a little puzzled. What’s the hurry? Even if you do believe you’ve found your soul…read more

54 Sister Tattoos That Prove She’s Your Best Friend in the World

Some best friends you find in life, and some you’re born with. There are certain things only your sister can understand, and there’s no better (or more lasting) way to show your sisterly love than with matching tattoos that will last a lifetime. We’ve rounded up creative ideas that will show how deep your bond…read more

20 Signs You Can't Handle Another Friend's Engagement

Does this photo hit a little too close to home, especially during engagement season? If you can relate to the girl on the left, you’re not alone. When you’re solo, the floods of social media posts can get just as bad as all the annoying things people say to single women. (Really, how many details…read more

This Artist Created Beautiful Racebent Versions of Frozen's Elsa and Anna

What would Disney princesses look like if they were more diverse? Disney fans have been calling for more representation of different races, and Tumblr user juliajm15 recently took matters into her own hands when she created racebent versions of the beloved Frozen princesses Anna and Elsa. The images emphasize the beauty of diversity and reiterate…read more

35 Things Only 20-Somethings Say

Let’s cut to the chase. Some of these phrases – you know, the ones used by people who grew up with TRL – are pretty annoying. But you can’t deny that you say them all the time you’ve ever said them. Truth is, they’re influential, they’re part of our everyday lexicon, and many are here…read more

This Fifty Shades of Grey-Meets-Frozen Mashup Is So Wrong, It's Right

A fan-made video that puts an erotic twist on the Disney classic Frozen is pretty much as weird and creepy as it sounds. But it’s also kind of awesome. The mashup is one of many various Frozen spoofs that have been circulating the Internet since the movie’s release, and it’s by far the raunchiest. …read more

Engagement Shoots Inspired by Movies

If you’re planning an engagement shoot, you probably want to set a romantic, emotional mood, and what better way than with a theme from a movie? We’ve rounded up some of our favorite cinematic-inspired engagement photos, from sexy The Notebook and Atonement sessions to a sweet Up-inspired shoot. There’s something for every type of movie-lover,…read more

Dating Mistakes to Avoid in 2016

If you’re looking for a fresh start in 2016, why not take this time to refresh your dating life? After all, the New Year is always a great time to reassess your well-being. Here are some bad dating and relationship habits to swear off. And if you’re taken, we’ve got some tips for you too….read more