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The Struggles You Face as the Side Chick

Twins Karen and Kristy Ambrose, also known as The Ambrose Girls, give us some insight on what it’s like being the side piece to the hot guy who’s already taken.   Picture this: you’re out at a bar surrounded by your best girlfriends and some hot potential new bar flirts, vodka soda in hand. You…read more

20 of Our Favorite Movie Couples

There are the obvious couples like The Notebook‘s Allie and Noah who are perfect lifelong loves, but I am less interested in couples who are destined to be together and more in those who aren’t but are together anyway. Check out our 20 favorite couples from movies, and if your favorite isn’t here, add yours…read more

Harry Potter Quotes That Will Get You Through the Hardest of Times, Always

Upon the sad news of Alan Rickman’s death, Harry Potter fans across the globe are mourning. We will forever be a fan of Rickman’s portrayal of Severus Snape as we watched the professor transform from ruthless villain to a legendary savior in the movie franchise. In honor of the actor’s passing, we have gathered some…read more

17 Signs Your Brother Is Your Best Friend

My brother is really awesome. I love that guy and have no problem saying that he is one of my best friends. We know each other better than most and I know that he will always have my back. Is your brother one of your BFFs? Here’s 17 signs he’s your bud. Source: Suger

6 Reasons Youngest Sisters Make the Best Friends

If you’ve met a lady who says she’s the youngest sibling, you better win her heart now or you’ll end up with a serious case of regret. Everyone knows (besides perhaps the older and middle siblings) that the youngest sibling makes for an amazing better half and woman. Listen up and choose your next woman…read more

15 Extralong Books Perfect For Extralong Winter Nights

Breeze through your reading list a little too quickly? Never fear! Here’s an extralong list of extralong books to accompany you this long Winter from Off the Shelf, a daily blog that connects great books with great readers. We like big books and we cannot lie – we buy them, we shelve them, we stare at…read more

Can Miranda Write Her Way Out of This Steamy Sex Affair in This Sultry Series?

Unraveled Together, the third part in Wendy Leigh’s erotic BDSM series (collected in one volume as Miranda Unraveled), chronicles the tumultuous love story of a superrich publishing mogul Robert and ghostwriter-turned-erotic-novelist Miranda. The two find themselves struggling to overcome a deep betrayal, but unable to deny the fiery connection that still burns between them. Leigh manages…read more

Evanna Lynch Just Penned the Most Perfect Advice on Self-Love

Evanna Lynch is once again channeling Luna Lovegood in the most inspiring way. Today marks 10 years (yes, an entire decade) since the actress auditioned for her role as the kindhearted, unapologetically unique Harry Potter character. In honor of the milestone, she took to her Instagram to reflect on her younger self with a sweet…read more

Why One Direction Is Not Who You Think They Are

Image Source: Getty / Stephen Lovekin It all started in late 2011 when I was reading a People column in the newspaper about a young Harry Styles dating an older woman, and I asked myself, “What kind of name is Harry Styles?” I googled him, and the rest, as they say, is history. I swiftly…read more

5 Friendship Resolutions You Can Actually Make in 2016

This year, why not spice up your usual get fit New Year’s resolution by strengthening your friendships instead? Everything’s easier when you’ve got a loving support system behind you, so make 2016 the year of building positive, healthy friendships. Check out these five fun, fresh ideas for a friendly New Year’s resolution you’re sure to…read more