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45 Unicorn Gifts That Are Downright Enchanting

Maybe unicorns aren’t real, but they are real cute. You don’t need to be 12 years old to rock your mythical-creature pride; we have found 45 awesome unicorn gifts for grown-ass women. Check out all the adorable options and add them to your holiday wishlist. Source: Suger

27 Reasons Your High School Friends Are Your Best Friends Forever

There will be no one like your best friends from high school. They have known you forever and share so many memories with you. Often, the bonds you create during those formative years will last a lifetime. Here’s 27 reasons your high school friends are your best friends forever. They know every embarrassing thing that…read more

13 Short Stories to Read Over Thanksgiving

Soon we’ll all be commuting home for the Thanksgiving break. We need something good to read on the train, bus, and plane, right?! But not everyone wants to commit to reading a whole book. Here are some short stories and novellas from our favorite authors: Source: Suger

The Best Bridal Gifts For Bridesmaids Who Love Their Cup of Joe

Adorable bridal gift sets for coffee-lovers – Style Me Pretty 6 stunning dresses for beach weddings – Glamour These are the top-rated wedding venues in the United States – Brides The only wedding registry you will need for your big day – Wedding Chicks How to throw a romantic backyard wedding – Green Wedding Shoes…read more

Get a Peek Inside Fifty Shades of Grey's Sexiest Scenes

Penis popsicles, coming right up. Have you seen the sex scenes in the Fifty Shades of Grey book played out on the big screen yet? Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson say Christian Grey’s and Anastasia Steele’s steamy lines out loud (not to mention simulating the actual acts) in the naughty adaptation. To take the words…read more

Have a Very '90s (and Early '00s) Christmas

Is it even possible to reminisce about Christmas in the ’90s without getting Mariah Carey‘s “All I Want For Christmas” or *NSYNC’s “Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays” stuck in your head? How about TLC’s “Sleigh Ride”? And I still have a vivid memory of listening to Adam Sandler‘s hilarious classic “The Chanukah Song” on the radio…read more

Tips For Sharing That First Holiday With Him or Her (and the Family)

The holidays are in full swing! It’s time for hot chocolate, presents, and . . . meeting the family? You’ve been with your significant other for a good amount of time, and they want to celebrate the holidays with you and their family. Well, it’s quite the compliment, but also a little nerve-racking! If you’ve…read more

20 Fun Under-$20 Gifts For Girlfriends

When you’re hunting for the perfect holiday gift for a girlfriend, it’s all about the little luxuries. You want to find that special gift that makes your friend smile, something small that she wouldn’t splurge on, or something she’s never seen before. We’ve given you a head start on your holiday shopping by scouring the…read more