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15 Delightful Favors For Fall Weddings

For more seasonally-inspired wedding trinkets, head over to Bridal Guide and find the perfect keepsake for guests to remember your special day. Send your guests home with seasonally-appropriate goodies they’ll appreciate this festive time of year. From candles to holiday-ready decor, here are 15 adorable options to gift to family and friends at your autumnal…read more

There Is Legitimately Nothing Sexier Than These 36 Guys With Man Buns

It’s hard to put into words just how on board we are with man buns. We most likely can’t find the words because we have been rendered speechless by the utter attractiveness oozing from the man-bunned men we’ve rounded up. Guys of the world: just gather those lovely locks and place them atop your sexy…read more

Taylor Swift's Lessons on How to Love Fearlessly

Taylor Swift knows a thing or two about love – and she is not afraid to tell the world about it. Many a famous man has learned this lesson the hard way when he found himself the subject of Taylor Swift’s revealing musical anecdotes about past romantic endeavors. She basically wrote the book on romance…read more

"I Was a Real-Life Disneyland Mermaid"

Did you know there used to be live mermaids at Disneyland in the late ’50s and ’60s? It’s true! In this excerpt from Chris Strodder’s book The Disneyland Book of Lists, one of these former Disneyland mermaids shares her tale. When the new Submarine Voyage launched in mid-1959, eight costumed mermaids splashed around in Tomorrowland’s…read more

7 Reasons Man Buns Are Sexy AF

Twins Karen and Kristy Ambrose, also known as The Ambrose Girls, share their seven reasons why man buns are SO SEXY. OK, so we are totally not going to lie . . . There is a definite female crush trend going around that we are SO into. What is it might you ask?! This would…read more

These Surprising Ashley Madison Stats Have Our Attention

The recent Ashley Madison hack has the world locked in chaos – just when we think all has been said and done, crazy new insights are released. Perhaps the most interesting, though, is the hard, factual stats behind all the mania, which Column Five has provided for us. The city with the most users on…read more

5 Common Causes For Late Periods

A late period is one of the scariest experiences if you’re not planning on being a mom anytime soon. It’s actually pretty normal for women’s periods to be delayed for several reasons, and you shouldn’t just assume it’s because you’re pregnant. Here are a few to keep in mind. Your cycle might be irregular from…read more

This "Call Me Caitlyn" Halloween Costume Is Completely Offensive and Distasteful

Image Source: Getty / Kevin Mazur While Halloween is one of the most fun and carefree holidays, it can also bring out some really bad decisions (remember Julianne Hough’s OITNB costume?). Unfortunately, this year is no exception, and there’s a new costume available for purchase that’s completely offensive and disrespectful: a “Call Me Caitlyn” costume…read more

101- and 96-Year-Old Sisters Can’t Stop Arguing, and It’s Hilarious

Some things never change. If you’ve got siblings, you know that bickering and teasing will always be a part of your relationship, no matter how old you get. These two elderly sisters, “Gramma and Ginga,” just made that clear in the most hilarious video. The 96- and 101-year-old sisters cannot stop arguing about hearing aids,…read more

Cover All the Bases With This Pre-Date Checklist

How to prep for a first date – AskMen Why everyone should have a slut phase – xoJane Is it necessary for your partner to like all of your Instagram pictures? – The Frisky He says he’s into me, but nothing has happened – Her Campus “My long-distance boyfriend says my visits waste his time”…read more