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Watch Canada's Hot New Prime Minister Do a Striptease (Yes, Really)

That’s it, we’re moving to Canada! The country that brought us Justin Bieber has just elected a different Justin as prime minister, 43-year-old Justin Trudeau, and he’s HOT. The pro-choice, self-proclaimed feminist is pretty much the man of our dreams, so it’s only right we share this very important video of him performing a striptease…read more

37 Gifts For the Girl (Seriously) Obsessed With Pizza

Pizza is a way of life. That’s not an opinion – it’s a fact. If you know a girl whose heart is made of gold and stomach is filled with pizza, we’ve found the perfect gifts for her. Keep reading to see our 37 favorite pizza-themed gifts in all of their triangular splendor. Source:…read more

This Jilted Bride Donated Her Wedding Dinner to the Homeless

Determined to turn heartbreak into hope, this bride took her groom’s cold feet and $35,000 wedding bill and turned it into a feast for the homeless, donating her reception’s four-star dinner to local shelters. Source: Suger

15 Perks of Getting Married in Your Early 20s (or Even Younger)

Remember when getting married in your early 20s was the norm? Now it seems like tying the knot young is a social faux pas that everyone is shying away from. First you go to school, then you graduate, establish a career, gain financial security, and then settle down with your SO. So where are the…read more

12 Bomb Dot Com Halloween Costumes For Couples

Ready to travel back in time this Halloween? If you love all things ’90s (duh), and you’re paired up with either a significant other or BFF this Oct. 31, have we got a treat for you. Take your couples costume back two decades to the land of Pogs and Power Rangers with these ’90s Halloween…read more

29 New Books You’ll Want to Read This Fall

Now that the hot Summer months are coming to an end, it’s time to start planning your Fall reading list! Curl up on the couch with a cup of tea and check out women’s fiction author Brenda Janowitz‘s picks for the best new Fall books of 2015! And if you missed it, here are her…read more

How to Throw a 1920s Wedding Inspired by The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby is a classic love story that never goes out of style, which makes it the perfect theme for your wedding day. Our friends over at Be Inspired PR shared these elegant decor ideas so you won’t have to travel back in time to re-create the magic of the 1920s. Check them out…read more

36 Little Ways to Know Your Significant Other Really Loves You

Grand gestures are great, but sometimes elaborate expressions of affection can seem a little over the top. With my boyfriend, it’s the little things that really mean the most – the stuff that shows me that I’m on his mind or the things he does that I know he wouldn’t do for anyone else (like…read more

60 Sexy Halloween Couples Costume Ideas

Halloween is notorious for bringing out the sexy in all of us, so why not let your significant other join in on the action? We’ve rounded up some of the most romantic (and maybe even a little raunchy) couples costumes out there. Get creative with your partner in crime this year, and add some sex…read more