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This Woman Passed Go and Collected Something Better Than $200

We’ve seen many guys go above and beyond when it comes to mastering the perfect proposal, but one Imgur user has really set the bar high for all the men in the world. Justin Lebon not only popped the question to his girlfriend, Michal, on Christmas morning, but he also did so with a customized…read more

Got Grunge? 22 Gothic-Chic Costumes For Women

Halloween is the most opportune time to channel your dark side. For all the goth girls out there, we have uncovered some Halloween costumes that are equal parts creepy and cool. Check out all the grungy looks and pick one out for yourself. Who needs color anyway? Source: Suger

5 Sex Toys That Are Basically From the Future

When you think about technological innovation, the sex toy industry probably isn’t the first one that comes to mind. But these companies are dedicated to bringing the latest technology into your bedroom. Here are a few gadgets you can try out to experience the futuristic technology yourself, a few to look out for once they…read more

You Have to See This Mean Girls/Hocus Pocus Mashup

The Sanderson sisters were a witchy girl clique long before the Plastics, so it’s no surprise that Hocus Pocus and Mean Girls make for the perfect hilarious mashup. Beamly combined Mean Girls quotes with moments from Hocus Pocus for a match made in Halloween. (And check out its site for the full mashup with 30…read more

Grant and Taylor's Vibrant, Exotic-Inspired Wedding

Grant and Taylor’s love story involved a tropical romance, a long-distance relationship, and plenty of travel –┬áso it’s only fitting that their wedding was a two-week, multistate affair culminating in an internationally influenced reception. The couple met on Oahu, HI, where they were both students studying at Brigham Young University – Hawaii. Bride Taylor jokes,…read more

17 Shocking Romance Novels Not For the Faint of Heart

Some deem simple romance novels to be so utterly boring compared to the enthralling alternative options (zombie falls in love with human, anyone?). It’s a niche audience, but I would argue that the depraved-love-genre fan base is growing larger by day. Thus, I’ve gathered up 17 of the weirdest, most twisted, most corrupt romance books…read more

33 DIY Country Girl Costumes

Just turn on a Luke Bryan song and I’ll make a beeline for Amazon’s fringe jackets selection. This Halloween, we ladies who aren’t from the rural parts are going to make our own dreams come true with a little cowgirl getup . . . because country women do it best, amirite?! Here are 33 Western…read more

The Story Behind This Woman's Tattoo Will Move You to Tears

Ink is forever and so is this woman’s love for her late husband. In honor of him passing away five months ago, she got a tattoo that would always remind her of him. She posted a photo on Imgur of her newly inked arm and a handwritten Valentine’s Day letter that inspired the now permanent…read more