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Michael Fassbender’s 28-Step Guide to Seduction

Despite Michael Fassbender’s humble assertion that it’s purely his celebrity status that attracts women, I have a hard time believing that any woman (or man) could resist the hot Irish-German actor’s sex appeal, famous or not. Sarah Paulson knows what we’re talking about: “He just looks at you, and you want to take your clothes…read more

The 10 Smoothest Things You Can Do When Living With a Woman

The best things you can do when living with a woman – AskMen Sorry bros, you can’t blame your limp d*ck on condoms – The Frisky I watched my boyfriend dance in drag – xoJane 8 questions to ask yourself before committing to a relationship – College Candy “My boyfriend won’t accept my biracial grandchildren”…read more

20 Steamy Summer Romance Movies to Stream on Netflix Now

Ah, Summer love. It seems the hotter the season, the steamier the romance. There are all kinds of Summer-set romances, and most of us have experienced one kind or another. It could be a coming-of-age Summer camp crush, a hot and heavy vacation fling, a forbidden postcollege relationship, or a breezy beachside hookup. Many of…read more

An Undercover Disney Princess Shares the Secrets of Disneybounding

Fashionable Disney fan Allison Erland aka Lady Damfino aka Snow White invites us into the secret world of “Disneybounding,” and we can’t get enough. First off, what is Disneybounding? “The easiest way to think of it is an outfit influenced by a Disney character. Some people have more specific ‘rules’ or definitions but I say…read more

Why "Female Viagra" Actually Isn't

“Female Viagra” will hit the market later this year, but is the little pink pill really a win for women? The first drug of its kind does come with some major side effects. Source: Suger

16 Signs You're Totally the Middle Sister

Being the middle child is ROUGH. Sure, there are some benefits to being in that position, but secretly you’re totally envious of your older sibling’s power and your younger sibling being the baby. Well, forget all that, because being the middle sister makes you awesome – you’re pretty much a Jill of all trades. See…read more

Catch Up on the Best Books of 2014

Now that the New Year is upon us, we thought it was about time to review the best books of 2014. Here are more than 200 reads we’ve included in our monthly book club roundups (plus some additions). Steamy, sweet, and everything in between, these novels and memoirs run the gamut in genre and tone,…read more