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The 1 Dealbreaker in a Relationship Based on Your Zodiac Sign

When it comes to relationships, it’s not all rainbows and sunshine. Problems arise, apologies are made, and you go from there. However, there are certain things that might just be unforgivable to some, where they’re unable to move forward and put it out of their minds. Plus, this one “dealbreaker” probably varies based on the…read more

67 Sex-Filled Films to Stream on Netflix For a Steamy Night In

We’ve found the sexiest movies on Netflix in 2019 for when you want some hot, steamy onscreen lovin’ that’s not porn. There are racy foreign flicks, sexy romantic comedies, erotic period pieces, and everything in between (the sheets) – perfect for solo watching or date night. Whether you’re in the mood to appreciate your favorite…read more

16 Genius Wedding Secrets Straight From a Wedding Planner

Planning a wedding is no easy feat. From the very first moments of reveling in the engagement excitement to the actual big day, there are so many decisions and hurdles you’ll face along the way. Should you have the destination wedding you’ve always dreamed of? Is it really worth tackling so many Pinterest-inspired DIY projects?…read more

15 Signs You've Found "the One" (and Should Never Let Them Go)

Even if you don’t believe in the idea of “the one,” it’s inevitable that some people are going to be better suited for you than others, and those special someones can be hard to find. You may be tired of dating apps and blind dates, but that doesn’t mean you should ever settle. A great…read more

How I Rebuilt a Relationship With a Friend I'd Lost Touch With

Shortly after college, one of my closest friends and I drifted apart. I saw it coming even before we graduated. I was still wild, rebellious, and immature. My friend, on the other hand, was born with her sh*t together. She already had a job lined up, was ready to move out on her own, and…read more

11 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Getting Engaged

Getting engaged is a major milestone in a relationship. I’ve not only been engaged before, I’ve been married before, and – spoiler alert – it didn’t turn out that well. I got married when I was 22, a time when I personally wasn’t mature enough to be married. I didn’t know myself well enough to…read more