Discover Which Game of Thrones Creature Lurks Inside Based on Your Astrological Sign

In the perilous and unforgiving land of Westeros, even the most fantastical creatures are caught in the crossfire of the war for the Iron Throne. As the Children of the Forest await the end to an age-old battle, White Walkers cast winter across the Seven Kingdoms, affecting humans, giants, warlocks, and Faceless Men alike.

While the Starks are known for their loyal direwolves and Daenerys Targaryen is known for her powerful dragons, which Game of Thrones creature do you embody? Are you adaptable and selfless like a wight or more sensitive and imaginative like one of the Children of the Forest? Love by Luna astrologist Kyle Thomas broke it down for us, so now you can discover your Game of Thrones creature personality. But, in the end, only the stars will tell.

Source: Suger

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