Even If You Aren't Down With Greek Life, This Recruitment Parody Might Make You Rush

When rush week and back-to-school season approached this year, some sororities amped up their recruiting tactics with over-the-top videos, highlighting what Greek life is really all about. And apparently, it’s all about glitter. But instead of responding with even more criticism than they’ve already received, Harvard’s Alpha Theta pledge class made its own hilarious recruitment video. When watching, you’ll notice a lot of the same elements like electric music, slow walking, hand holding, and lots of glitter blowing. They totally got it all down in their refreshing parody (plus a cameo from a grandma wearing a “Let My People Bro” shirt). Even if you aren’t down with Greek life, you’ll be more inclined than ever to rush after watching, or at least grab a beer with the Alpha Theta boys.

Source: Suger

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