Hairy Leggings Exist, and We're Officially Done

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Listen, we’re all about embracing your body hair and living a completely natural life, but the latest fashion trend just took the no-shaving movement to a whole new level. Contrado is a UK-based design company that offers tons of customizable clothing items, but after a shopper created a pair of custom hairy leggings, the internet took notice.

Contrado editor Claire Belle Freed told the Daily Mail nothing surprises them anymore. “We are seeing more and more customers create outrageously funny, ‘intimate’ and even taboo designs,” she said. “From naked body parts on men’s boxers and women’s underwear, superfan designs of their favourite celebs, to very clever and witty slogans on our t-shirts and dresses, there isn’t anything we haven’t seen – or anything that shocks us anymore!”

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Hairy leggings are available in many different skin tones, and according to a blog post about the design, they have an even hairier crotch. Disclaimer: we’re well aware of how alarming the hairy crotch aspect is, we had nothing to do with this, but we can think of a few ideal situations for these leggings . . .

Interested in ditching the razor and living a hairier life, but not quite ready to commit? Trying to ward off obnoxious catcallers? Pulling a Mulan and looking to disguise yourself? Hairy leggings are the solution to all of the above.

Oh, and if you’re really about that hairy life, we suggest pairing the hairy leggings with the equally ridiculous hairy chest swimsuits from Beloved Shirts.

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