Harry Potter Fan's Boyfriend Gives BEST GIFT EVER

A broom would normally be a less-than-ideal Christmas gift, unless, of course, it’s for a Harry Potter fan – and it’s not just a broomstick, it’s a Nimbus 2000! Shelby Stein’s boyfriend of five years, Jared Weissman, took home the House Cup with his gift this year, a broomstick he made from scratch that looks exactly like Harry’s Nimbus 2000. It took Jared three weeks to make the broom, made from pine with a mahogany wood stain and polyurethane coat, basket reed and styrofoam circles, and a gold-painted plastic rod for the kickstand. He even hand-painted the Nimbus 2000 logo. Shelby, a Ravenclaw, opened it in front of her family, who had no idea what Jared had been brewing. She told us, “Only his parents knew about it and unfortunately we did not get a videotape of the reaction, but I was so excited and even cried a little. I love how accurate it is, since I like to collect prop replicas. It’s beautiful!” Alas, Shelby doesn’t have plans to ride her Nimbus 2000 just yet, but she told us that it’s displayed in her room on top of a bookshelf.

“My room is slowly turning into a Harry Potter fan cave, which I’m totally fine with. Once Jared and I get our own place someday I plan to have a special place to display all of my Harry Potter collection items. We were thinking it would be really cool to somehow suspend it in air with fishing wire or something so it looks like it’s flying!”

Shelby also added that Jared always thought he was a Slytherin, but was surprised to find out he’s in Gryffindor from the Pottermore quiz. After this Christmas gift, we actually aren’t suprised at all. See photos of the Nimbus 2000 now!

Source: Suger

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