Hold on to Your Santa Hat, It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like a Christmas-Themed Wedding

Let’s be honest, Winter is amazing. It’s that time of year when you can bundle up near a fireplace and sip on hot cocoa all day and, best of all, you can spend your holidays with your loved ones. Well, photographer Jessica Palacios managed to capture the amazing essence of the holiday season in this gorgeous Christmas-themed wedding shoot. “By the time Halloween comes around, I’m ready for some holiday cheer. I know I’m not the only one!” said Jessica. “We wanted to embrace every essence of Christmas with the styled shoot. The textures of this shoot to the small details, I truly believe we captured Christmas in the form of a wedding.”

This shoot absolutely embodies the Christmas spirit in every detail. Even the intricate embroidery on the bride’s bodice is reminiscence of snowflake patterns. The groom looks festive in a sharp suit with a lapel pin above his breast pocket made from holly leaves. The food and drinks were laid out on a wooden table, which adds a rustic charm to the shoot, while mistletoe leaves, pine cones, and wreaths are elegantly used to decorate the room. In most of the photos, the most prominent colors are deep red, forest green, and gold, which perfectly reflect the magic of Christmas.

Keep reading to see these stunning photos and look out for more hidden details!

Source: Suger

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