How This Drunk Boyfriend Redeemed Himself Will Leave You in Stitches

You know when your significant other comes home hammered and it’s beyond annoying? Yeah, we’ve all been there. Luckily for Scotland resident Jodie, her boyfriend Kieron sensed her irritation when he came back from a birthday party a little more drunk than she expected. The couple was supposed to hang out together that night, so Kieron felt bad, even in his altered state.

Here comes the drunk boy’s brilliant plan. He decided to message Jodie on every social media platform possible with the question “R u angry at me.” Then he took it to the next level – he sent her a MAC gift card for £10. That’s about $13. The note at the end of the ecard said, “R u angry at me,” and it’s hilarious.

After Jodie posted the situation on Twitter, it went viral. Check out her tweets and the social media reactions ahead. Hey, at least she got, like, most of a free lipstick out of it!

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