I Sent Out a Greeting Card Every Day For 1 Week – Here's How It Changed My Relationships

I like to think of myself as a thoughtful person who cares about her loved ones, but I’ll be real for a second. Sometimes my actions don’t always reflect that. Like many other people, my schedule gets so busy sometimes that I don’t do the simple things for my friends and family that I would like to, such as sending out a birthday or thank-you card, or officially congratulating my cousin on the birth of her twins. It’s just hard to get myself to the pharmacy to buy a greeting card and then to the ever-dreaded post office, where I’d likely have to stand in line for half an hour just to get a stamp.

When my cousin gave birth a few weeks ago and I forgot to send her a card, I got pretty frustrated at myself for not being more plugged in to my loved ones’ lives. Around the same time, I signed up for a greeting card subscription service called Blink from my husband’s company Mendokino. For only $8 a month, you can send unlimited greeting cards to friends and family – no card shop or mailbox runs necessary.

Here’s how it works: you enter your handwriting into your phone (using your finger or a stylus) and it’s stored in your account. Whenever you want to send a card for a special occasion, you go to the Mendokino website and choose any of the designer cards. You type out your personal message, which then gets written in the card – in ink! – in your very own handwriting. From there, the card is directly sent out to the recipient, which means you never have to even step away from your computer to send out a heartfelt message.

I decided to give this a try myself. I sent out one greeting card to someone I loved every day for a week. Here’s how it was a total game changer.

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