Love Game of Thrones? OkCupid Will Now Let You Prove It With a Badge on Your Profile

Winter is coming soon, and so is a potential new love interest if you’re serious about a new app feature that OkCupid just introduced. For the people out there who think having a partner who doesn’t share an interest in Game of Thrones is a deal-breaker, the dating app recently rolled out a feature that will allow users who watch the HBO drama to display badges on their profiles that say so. What a time to be alive.

According to a post on OkCupid’s official blog, the idea was inspired by the over two million mentions of the show on user profiles. Because of people’s interest in bonding over discussing who should sit on the Iron Throne, OkCupid also introduced GoT-related prompts for users to respond to when they initially make their profiles.

“We’re so excited to be the first dating app to match people on their favorite TV show – starting with Game of Thrones,” Melissa Hobley, OkCupid’s chief marketing officer, said in a statement. “We’re all about matching on what matters – and what matters to millions of people around the world is what they’re watching.”

Game of Thrones officially returns on April 14, and if you’re looking for someone to watch the final season premiere with, you’re definitely gonna want to take advantage of this. Read ahead to get a peek at how the badges will look in action.

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