MeUndies Sells Matching Underwear For You and Your "Significant Otter," and We Need These

In today’s edition of “Unnecessary Items That I’m Still Very Into,” MeUndies is selling “significant otter” underwear for couples, so if anyone out there is looking for a person to be a little extra with, I’m now accepting applications. The underwear in question features a print of two very cute otters adorably hugging and holding hands with one another because, according to a product description, that’s a real thing that otters do.

MeUndies became known for its cutesy collections of his and hers underwear in the past. The company sold limited-edition Star Wars-themed underwear last Fall before introducing special wine and cheese couples’ underwear for Valentine’s Day in February. Customers interested in purchasing “Significant Otter” underwear can choose among boxers, boxer briefs, thongs, boy shorts, and bikini cuts. Read ahead to get a better look and shop a few of the styles.

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