New Year’s Eve Is the Most Overrated Holiday For Couples and Here’s Why

Call me a Scrooge, but I am not ashamed to admit that New Year’s Eve is one of my least favorite holidays, especially as a couple. I dread the idea of it, like I do Valentine’s Day, but that’s a whole other issue. We have so many nights a year to dress up, party hard, kiss, and set intentions – why is New Year’s Eve any different?

We all know that NYE isn’t actually about an entire night at all; it’s about a 10-second countdown and how you think you’ll feel afterwards. And unless you (or your partner) hit the lottery when the clock strikes midnight, absolutely nothing will immediately change in your life after. You may envision a romantic date night out, talking about the resolutions you will accomplish as a couple and have a passionate midnight kiss to seal the deal, but it doesn’t usually work out that way, does it? Instead, you end up second-guessing the place you decided to go, get overly intoxicated on champagne, throw some confetti around, and then spend the next couple of months putting the wrong date on everything. NYE is overhyped, over romanticized, and a monumental waste of money. Here are five reasons why partying as a couple on NYE is completely overrated.

1. Expectations are unreasonably high.

Somewhere along the line, New Year’s Eve became fully loaded with expectations. Couples have high expectation about spending the “best night of the year” together. The pressure to be wearing the best outfits, partying at the hottest venue, and posting the most epic balloon drop selfie while you passionately kiss at the stroke of midnight is something to be avoided. Anything short of this fantasy will feel like a letdown and set you both up to start the new year feeling disappointed. Even if you had a good time, by setting expectations so high, even a “good time” can leave you feeling disheartened.

2. Everything costs more on NYE.

Whether it’s food, drinks, or a cover charge, every single price is hiked up on Dec. 31. Catching a cab is nearly impossible, and have fun paying an absurd surge rate for Uber. Not to mention those insanely overpriced tickets for parties. Plus, when you’re in a couple, you are paying for two. Why would you knowingly allow yourself to be ripped off? With your finances already under fire from the holidays, you would be wise to save any extra money rather than blow it on a few hours before 2017.

3. The forced intention of that midnight kiss does not set the love tone for the year.

Does a kiss at midnight on the last few moments of the year mean more than any other kiss? Couples tend to desperately plan their NYE outings together to accomplish that 3-2-1 kiss, and while it’s normal to want to ring in the New Year with your beau, there are no negative consequence if you don’t end up having that moment together in front of a crowd. It’s OK to want the dreamy midnight kiss with your arms wrapped up in your partner, but remember that it does not actually matter in the larger scheme of your relationship. Whether or not you party together during the last moments of 2016 will not dictate the future of your relationship.

4. The pressure and stress of having the perfect night are unnecessary.

The pressure of attending the best event, picking out the perfect attire, making resolutions sealed with a kiss, and documenting it all on Snapchat during the most epic night of the year can stress anyone out. Our partners and relationships are under enough pressure as it is. Why do we need to add NYE to the list? Laying off the pressure and going with the flow will not only make for a better attitude when kicking off the new year together, but it will also make your evening much more enjoyable. If you don’t happen to physically be with your beau at midnight, don’t sweat it, you have 364 more days to do so.

5. The disappointment of NYE can be avoided.

After the ball drops and the infamous countdown has commenced, the night never really plays out how we envisioned it in our minds. You can’t remember why you expected so much and stressed yourself out to begin with. Remember, NYE is just another day, and as a couple, it’s important to pick your battles; it’s just not worth feeling disappointed and upset. Don’t let the stress of taking the most ‘gramable photo bring negative vibes into your relationship, because, let’s be honest, all will be forgotten in a few days. Days that are this hyped up (and that we buy into) usually end up disappointing us in some way.

In the end, if you find yourself with no lovey, Facebook-worthy photos to upload, let it go. It’s not the end of the world. In fact, it’s only the beginning, right? Happy New Year!

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