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What It's Like Dating While Living With Depression

Let’s be honest – dating is hard. Even with countless dating apps to choose from, meeting someone you actually like is still pretty rare. And trying to navigate through the already complicated dating world gets even more complicated when you’re living with depression. Depression affects more than 17 million adults in the United States each…read more

Valentine's Day Date Ideas – For Singles and Couples – Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Valentine’s Day is on a Friday this year, which makes it even more perfect for a date night. There are so many romantic, adventurous, and chill activities to choose from to show a little love, whether it’s to your partner or yourself, but narrowing it down can be hard. So, why not rely on your…read more

This Couple Had Their Engagement Shoot at Target, and the Photos Are So Relatable

If you’ve ever found yourself arguing with a friend over who loves Target more, just know, this couple have you beat. Dyann and Doug took their love for Target to a whole new level by capturing their engagement shoot inside the Dallas store, and honestly, it’s so relatable. From pillow fights in Target’s aisles to…read more

Want to Let Your Friends Control Your Love Life? This Dating App Lets Them Swipe For You

If you’re the kind of person who likes being set up on blind dates, seeks your friends’ approval before going out with someone new (guilty), or are just really freaking frustrated with the current state of your dating life and want someone else to figure it out for you, the Ship dating app may be…read more

I'm a Woman Who Can't Orgasm – Here's How It Affects My Relationships

In every intimate encounter I have, I’ve learned to expect what I call the “inevitable question,” aka “Did you have an orgasm?” In this particular incident, it came the morning after my second encounter with a man named Calvin as we laid in his bed contemplating what to order for breakfast. “So about what you…read more

11 Things I Learned When I Came Out As Queer After a Heterosexual Breakup

Last year, when I was 25 years old, I came out as bi/queer. First to myself, then to my close family and friends, and finally, on a sweltering June night after celebrating my first Pride in New York City, to the world. With my dad, who is also gay, standing next to me and my…read more

These Grooms Went All Out For Their Wedding, Just Wait Until You See the Swarovski Tux!

Cameron and Daniel are living proof that dating apps work. The pair originally locked eyes at a Pride festival in South Carolina, and at that moment Cameron knew Daniel was someone special. After hunting through the dating app, Grindr, Cameron found Daniel and asked him on a date, to which Cameron obliged. The couple has…read more

A Filmmaker Edited the End of Sleeping Beauty For a Proposal That Is Simply Magical

Want to know how a proposal fit for a princess entails? Filmmaker Lee Loechler recently proposed to his longtime girlfriend, Sthuthi David, at a special screening of her favorite movie, Sleeping Beauty. Except for the most pivotal scene, Lee worked with illustrator Kayla Coombs to animate Sthuthi in Princess Aurora’s place, and himself as Prince…read more

Your Ideal Dating App Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Looking for love without a dating app in today’s culture is like looking for pizza delivery without a telephone. It might show up at your door, but what are the chances? Whether you’re trying to find your soulmate, a friendly hookup, or a cute stranger for a fun date, selecting the right tools to discover…read more

5 Things I Wish Someone Would Have Told Me About Getting Married in College

I got married when I was 19 during my sophomore year of college. We both knew we still had a lot to learn about life and each other, but starting our family at that moment despite the chaos of student life just felt right. He was (and is) and amazing man, and I knew in…read more

The Force Was Strong Between This Couple on Their Star Wars-Themed Wedding Day

If you’re a Star Wars fan, grab your popcorn and settle in: this epic Roaring-’20s-meets-Star-Wars wedding will knock your galactic socks off. Couple Tiffany and Kyle decided to wed surrounded by stormtroopers, Star Wars art (by the bride!), and lots of theatrical 1920s flair. There was even a special appearance by Darth Vader himself. Designed…read more

This Steamy R&B Playlist Is the Perfect Sexual Soundtrack

When you’re hooking up, you know that there are several elements that all factor into creating the perfect sexy atmosphere – the music being one of the most important. If you’re getting it on, you want the music you’re playing to set the mood and spice up the situation. In times like these, putting it…read more

Here Are the 2020 Wedding Trends Kicking Off the New Decade of "I Dos"

As we usher in a new year of nuptials, wedding pros are predicting 2020 soonlyweds will be saying “I do” in a more sustainable, nontraditional, and intimate kind of way. We’re talking small weddings, lab-grown diamond rings, and organic decor that packs a punch. Oh, and no more wedding cakes, either (so last decade!). Modern…read more

What My Abusive Relationship Taught Me About Love (and Myself)

Whether a relationship is good, bad, or ugly, the message is always the same: love is respect. However, in an abusive relationship, the line between love and respect is often blurred. When this happens, victims like myself are left feeling alone, confused, and conflicted within their reality and place in the relationship. As many as…read more

Coming Out at 30 Was Really Hard, but I'm So Glad I Did

I don’t remember exactly when I knew I was gay, but I do remember watching Annie Lennox perform in a suit with the Eurythmics and being transfixed. I also remember thinking my second grade PE teacher was really pretty. As I got older, and my sleepovers with friends became more and more dominated by boy…read more

Unpacking Comparison, and How It Actually Steals Your Joy

Oh, comparison. You never seem to go away, do you? Let’s get one thing straight: life in your 20s is HARD, am I right? Sometimes I wish I’d been given fair warning of this when I graduated college and entered the real world. That things wouldn’t be as cookie-cutter as they once were and that…read more

6 Reasons a Condom Might Break

Male condoms are one of the best forms of birth control because they’re cheap, you can buy them anywhere, they prevent pregnancy, and they also prevent the spread of STIs, but they only work if they don’t break! Below are six reasons why a condom might rip, so keep them in mind the next time…read more