10 Lies He May Tell You on a First Date

Men like to sound good on a first date just as much as women do. They have some high expectations when it comes to dating, as do women. Overall, I think most people – men and women – intend to be honest on a first date, but there are some people who lie blatantly. And,…read more

15 Gifts For Your Girlfriend Who Always Keeps It Real

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Admit It: You Still Fantasize About These Sex Scenes From American Horror Story

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40 Sexy Last-Minute Costumes For Women

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6 Strange Things That Can Make You Horny

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15 Books That Star Fearless Women Standing Up to Things That Go Bump in the Night

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37 Ways to Wear Sweats on Halloween

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6 Things It’s OK to Reveal on a First Date

First impressions are everything, especially on date number one. Saying the wrong thing can shift the mood dramatically when you don’t know somebody very well, so know which territories are safe to stay in. To make sure your first date goes as smoothly as possible, here are six acceptable things to reveal. Related10 Warning Signs…read more

This Romantic Barn Wedding Looks Like It's Straight Out of a Dream

Michaela and Erick officially became husband and wife on a cloudy Spring day in Connecticut. All the centerpieces found throughout Lion Rock Farm were made by the bride herself with the help of a few family members. After their sweet outdoor ceremony, the newlyweds celebrated with a covered reception that featured a candlelit meal across…read more

This Harry Potter Jewelry Collection Might Just Be Our Favorite Ever!

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30+ Fierce Halloween Costumes That Empower Women

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Unicorn Obsessed? These 36 Magical Costumes Are Marvelous

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4 Tips For Maintaining Friendships When Life Gets Crazy

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The Very Best Fall Date For Your Zodiac Sign

Fall is one of the best times of year for couples in particular because of all the cozy seasonal activities. Almost each one calls for cuddling up at some point. Combine that with some body-warming drinks and treats, and you’ve got the perfect date. In case the number of fun Fall options becomes too overwhelming,…read more

What to Talk About on Your First Date After a Divorce

If you’re about to head out on your first date after a divorce, it might feel like jumping into the deep end without a swimming lesson. The good news is you won’t actually drown, and you will be absolutely fine. Remember that everyone is nervous on a first date, whether he or she is divorced…read more

27 Cute Costumes That Will Make You Feel Pretty in Pink

Let’s be real: pink is the best color. Elle Woods loved it, and Marilyn Monroe rocked it. Also it’s just pretty; do you need any more reasons than that? This year for Halloween, flaunt your favorite shade by wearing one of these adorable costumes. We’ve got everything from an ice cream sundae to Sleeping Beauty….read more