This Impressive Couple DIYed Every Part of Their Woodsy Winter Wedding

Laura and Zach are one crafty duo to say the least. The bride DIYed every centerpiece and installation at their North Carolina wedding – and, of course, she looked stunning in her sheer long-sleeved gown. She even made her own bouquets, which beautifully complemented her bridesmaids’ dresses. The groom, who owns a tree service, built…read more

5 Dating Texts to Save in Your Phone Right Now

Dating calls for a lot of delicate conversations, and sometimes you just can’t find the words. Save these texts in your phone now so that when the situation arises, you have a head start on a draft and can send the right message at the right time. Hey there. It was really nice to meet…read more

59 Purr-fect Gifts For the Cat-Lovers in Your Life

Know any proud cat ladies or are you one yourself? Forget the negative stereotype; being a woman and having a cat isn’t anything to be ashamed of. In fact, with so many celebrity cats these days – Grumpy Cat, Lil Bub, and Maru, to name a few – cat companions are as popular as ever….read more

10 Reasons Being Single in Your 30s Is the Best

Being single in your 30s is a whole different game, one where you are the true winner and all of your exes and failed attempts at serious relationships don’t come back to haunt you – they come back to liberate you. You feel free, whole, and happy on a whole other level. When I look…read more

How I Finally Made the Decision to Walk Away From an Abusive Relationship

“Suzanne, I need to ask you something.” The question was delivered with a stern and intimidating tone. He gave me this is serious look. I had come to learn that this preface of a statement would always be followed by an accusation and a question that would not be easily dismissed or answered. “Remember that…read more

This Couple's Icelandic Wedding Is a Romantic Fantasy Come to Life

Maja and Patrick fell in love with Iceland for its romantic, melancholy scenery. When the couple decided to get married, they wanted it to be an intimate affair. “With our families being spread all over the world (in China, Germany, and the UK), it was impossible to include everybody, so a private wedding followed by…read more

A Former Playboy Bunny Shares 8 Secrets About the Job That Will Surprise You

Barbara Walters, better known as Bobbie the Bunny, is shown in the photo above (second from the left) completely in her element. At the age of 22, she told herself that she wanted to become a Playboy bunny the minute she saw one on the cover of Playboy magazine as she was walking out of…read more

This Elegant Yet Cool Factory Wedding Is Easily One of Our Favorites

Rebecca and Michael tied the knot at the venue of our dreams: The Foundry in Long Island City, NY. The former 19th-century factory was restored to showcase its industrial roots and has been serving as a modern event space since. Guests gathered at both the lower and upper levels inside to witness the couple’s union…read more

10 Things a Good Guy Won’t Do to the Woman He Loves

Sometimes love can go so well that it blinds us to poor treatment. Luckily, Heather Hans at YourTango identified warning signs everyone should look out for in a relationship. All humans make mistakes and hurt loved ones. But overall you should feel cherished. The beauty of those of being treated poorly in relationships is the…read more

Why Do Guys Ghost?

The act of ghosting can manifest in many forms. He could have promised a second date but never followed up, you could have been intimate and he had vanished come morning, or he could have simply cut off all communication with no explanation why. There’s nobody on Earth who hasn’t ghosted somebody in some way….read more

Don't Let These 10 Worst-Case Scenarios Ruin Your Wedding

There are wedding fiascos you can plan for, and then there are those that can sideswipe even the most OCD bride. Lucky for us, wedding planner Allison Silber, founder of Engaged and Inspired and cofounder of The Lab Event, has successfully dealt with many big-day disasters – even at her own wedding! She spoke with…read more

37 Matching Tattoos For Couples Who Want to Make a Small Statement

Getting matching tattoos with your significant other is always a nerve-wracking decision, but if you truly love someone, it’s totally worth it! You don’t have to get a giant tattoo to prove your eternal affection; we found 37 tiny (and adorable) ink ideas that are perfect for you and your boo. Source: Suger

Syphilis Is Back on the Rise, and More Surprising Facts About STDs

What better time to talk about sexually transmitted diseases and infections than in April, recognized as STD Awarness Month? We spoke with Dr. Kat Van Kirk, licensed marriage and sex therapist and resident sex expert for Adam and Eve, about the spreading of sexually transmitted diseases and infections between young people – approximately 19 million…read more

Everyone Had a Ball at This Exquisite Countryside Wedding

For any outdoors enthusiast, the California landscape is something to behold. Wine country in particular proves to be a gorgeous setting for hiking, sightseeing, photography, and . . . weddings! POPSUGAR Fashion editor Hannah Weil McKinley tied the knot at the McKinley private estate in Glen Ellen, CA – and the resulting pictures are seriously…read more

10 Myths About Men, Debunked by a Man

Women are a mystery to men and, as such, men are a mystery to women. As a man myself, I have to admit I don’t believe we’re all that complicated, but I’m sure you’d say the same about your gender as well. To help better understand men, I’ve been nominated to do some myth busting…read more

He's Over You: 10 Sure Signs

Can’t shake that feeling that your partner might not be as into it as you are? Luckily, our friends at YourTango have the answer for you. Do they have one foot out the door? When your relationship gets stale it can be tricky to know if you’re at risk of breaking up. While every relationship…read more

Instagram of the Day: This Brazilian Babe Obviously Needs a Cuddle Buddy

Every day, we bring you our favorite piece of eye candy posted to Instagram. Today’s picture comes from Amadeo Leandro. The Brazilian model is never shy when it comes to showing off his bod. A photo posted by Amadeo Leandro (@amadeoleandro) on Mar 21, 2016 at 7:52pm PDT Source: Suger

5 Tips For Surviving Wedding Dress Shopping With a Friend

Wedding dress shopping when you’re the bride is definitely stressful (thankfully, I found mine without any major blood, sweat, and tears!), but being the friend who accompanies the bride-to-be carries its own stresses and responsibilities. If you’re a bridesmaid or just close friend of the bride this wedding season, I’ve got some helpful tips for…read more

This YA Book About Online Friendship Is a Perfect Digital-Age Story

In this digital age, one can meet their closest friend or greatest love on a corner of the Internet. Author Julie Buxbaum taps into the quirks of cyberspace in her debut YA novel, Tell Me Three Things, which is available for purchase April 5. In summary, teenager Jessie moves across the country with her dad,…read more