This Woman Had No Idea That Their Couple’s Photo Shoot Was Actually a Surprise Proposal!

Just days after Korey and Laura’s four-year anniversary, he officially popped the question. But Korey teamed up with the photographer, who knew his sister, a whole month prior to their engagement to plan a special surprise. They were told that they needed a sweet couple for a styled session and had Laura’s makeup and nails…read more

I Didn't Have Sex on My Wedding Night For a Really Crappy Reason (Pun Intended)

My wedding night was explosive – unfortunately, just not in the bedroom. L and I had dated for 10 years before finally taking the plunge and saying “I do.” We met in graduate school in our 20s, and immediately there was a mutual attraction. We were two Northeasterners in a sprawling Midwest university and began…read more

You'll Want to Take a Bite Out of Disney's New Ice Cream-Inspired Minnie Ears

I’ve got some news that’ll make your tummy grumble AND your heart feel happy: Disney has created mouse ears inspired by its Mickey Mouse ice cream bars! The ears, which are sequined and come complete with a pink Minnie Mouse bow, are so cute, you’ll want to eat them right up. According to Disney Style,…read more

Disney's New Necklace Is the Socially Acceptable Way to Wear Your Rose Gold Ears Every Day

A post shared by Disneylifestylers (@disneylifestylers) on Jun 17, 2018 at 11:06am PDT Disney just released a new necklace that has a lot going for it: it’s rose gold, sparkly, and, most importantly, in the shape of those sequined rose gold Minnie ears that spawned a social media craze and inspired several subsequent products. On…read more

Confessions of a Romance Novel Cover Girl

You’ve seen the steamy scenes in the supermarket checkout aisle, while perusing Barnes & Noble, or perhaps on your own bookshelf, but did you ever stop to think about the real people who pose for romance novels? Actress and model Serene Aandahl always loved playing dress-up as a little girl, and as an adult she…read more

24 Ways to Create a Rustic Chic Wedding

Are you imagining a wedding ceremony in a restored barn? Or perhaps a reception in a field of wildflowers? However you envision your big day, elegantly rustic weddings are so on trend right now and there’s no shortage of inspiration to draw from. Embrace all things outdoorsy and charming with these 24 chic examples from…read more

15 Lessons I Learned Because You Broke My Heart

I’m not a love novice. In fact, I am probably more experienced than I should be for my years. I’ve been married, been divorced and been in a number of relationships of all different kinds throughout my dating years as a teenager and as an adult. However, none have affected my life more and none…read more

33 Reasons Dads Are the Most Awesome Human Beings on the Planet

Let’s take a moment to appreciate our favorite dad-isms this Father’s Day. Dad may be embarrassing, less-than tech savvy, and a little clueless about what the kids think is cool these days, but that’s kind of what makes him so endearing. Plus, you gotta give him props for trying so hard. And that overprotective nature?…read more

14 Steamy Romances to Kick Off Your Summer

Well, those three digits on the temperature gauges are our first clue that it’s time to wipe down the BBQ, shake out the beach towels, and lather on sunscreen for the sunny days of Summer. And while I admire those fun-loving people who brave this wicked heat for the best music festivals and sunkissed tans,…read more

20 Things You Never Knew About Boobs

Boobs! They are awesome and weird. You probably feel like you know everything about yours since they’re, you know, on your body, but you’d be surprised – there are some seriously crazy boob facts. Behold. A lot goes into the anatomy of a breast. Female breasts are made of fat, nerves, veins, arteries, breast tissue,…read more

The Cutest Alice in Wonderland Gift Guide

Curious? Alice in Wonderland fans, there’s a new reason to stock up on goodies inspired by the Lewis Carroll-penned story turned Disney franchise – the Alice Through the Looking Glass film will be in theaters later this month. Out of all the Disney gifts for adults out there, I’m partial to these cute Alice-inspired ones….read more

17 Signs You're Obsessed With Summer

Ice cream, warm weather, pools, margaritas – I cannot contain my glee, because it’s finally Summer! It’s my favorite time of the year; you might even say I’m obsessed. Who doesn’t love a few months when it’s socially acceptable to wear comfy shorts and dresses all the time? If you get as pumped for the…read more

These Women Prevented a Date Rape

Sometimes all it takes to be a hero is trusting your gut and not being afraid of a potentially awkward conversation. Facebook user Sonia Ulrich posted this story Friday about how her and her girlfriends prevented a date rape at a restaurant in Santa Monica, and it’s a scary and sad reminder that you just…read more

This Reason This Teen Took His Mom to Prom Will Move You to Tears

The love between a mother and her child is incredibly powerful, and one teen proved that this week. Kerry Huffaker, from Twin Falls, ID, was diagnosed with stage four brain cancer in February, reports ABC News. When her son Dylan Huffaker thought about who to take to prom this year, his first thought was his…read more

This Classic Detroit Wedding May Make You Nostalgic For the Snow

Just before couple Kim and Jacob tied the knot in Detroit around Thanksgiving, a severe snowstorm hit. “It was crazy,” photographer E Schmidt said. “But it was also so beautiful.” Snow and all, it was a perfect day for the lovebirds. Kim’s favorite memory was seeing Jacob for the first time when she walked down…read more

4 Reasons Your Hot Co-Worker Is Completely Off Limits

The new hire is in, and wow! He’s hot. Or . . . she’s amazingly gorgeous. And I am talking jaw-dropping, toe-curling, panty . . . (is “wetting” a word?) hot! You want to invite this co-worker to your desk ASAP for a chat on everything and anything related to work. OK, that’s a complete…read more

How to DIY the Perfect Summer Wedding Bouquet

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22 Solitaire Engagement Rings That Stand Out From the Rest

If you prefer a simple statement, you’ll love the look of a solitaire engagement ring. This design has one single diamond in the center that’s often round or a princess cut. We love the look because it’s timeless and works great for a variety of personalities. Check out this solitaire bling worn by real women…read more

5 Things All Brides Should Stand Up For

When planning a wedding, it’s easy for a bride’s voice to get lost among opinionated family members. Well guess what? If you’re the bride, it’s your wedding. It’s not fair when people who aren’t getting married try to make decisions about your big day. We know that sometimes you have to let things go, but…read more