This Woman Had No Idea That Their Couple’s Photo Shoot Was Actually a Surprise Proposal!

Just days after Korey and Laura’s four-year anniversary, he officially popped the question. But Korey teamed up with the photographer, who knew his sister, a whole month prior to their engagement to plan a special surprise. They were told that they needed a sweet couple for a styled session and had Laura’s makeup and nails…read more

I Didn't Have Sex on My Wedding Night For a Really Crappy Reason (Pun Intended)

My wedding night was explosive – unfortunately, just not in the bedroom. L and I had dated for 10 years before finally taking the plunge and saying “I do.” We met in graduate school in our 20s, and immediately there was a mutual attraction. We were two Northeasterners in a sprawling Midwest university and began…read more

You'll Want to Take a Bite Out of Disney's New Ice Cream-Inspired Minnie Ears

I’ve got some news that’ll make your tummy grumble AND your heart feel happy: Disney has created mouse ears inspired by its Mickey Mouse ice cream bars! The ears, which are sequined and come complete with a pink Minnie Mouse bow, are so cute, you’ll want to eat them right up. According to Disney Style,…read more

Disney's New Necklace Is the Socially Acceptable Way to Wear Your Rose Gold Ears Every Day

A post shared by Disneylifestylers (@disneylifestylers) on Jun 17, 2018 at 11:06am PDT Disney just released a new necklace that has a lot going for it: it’s rose gold, sparkly, and, most importantly, in the shape of those sequined rose gold Minnie ears that spawned a social media craze and inspired several subsequent products. On…read more

Confessions of a Romance Novel Cover Girl

You’ve seen the steamy scenes in the supermarket checkout aisle, while perusing Barnes & Noble, or perhaps on your own bookshelf, but did you ever stop to think about the real people who pose for romance novels? Actress and model Serene Aandahl always loved playing dress-up as a little girl, and as an adult she…read more

24 Ways to Create a Rustic Chic Wedding

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15 Lessons I Learned Because You Broke My Heart

I’m not a love novice. In fact, I am probably more experienced than I should be for my years. I’ve been married, been divorced and been in a number of relationships of all different kinds throughout my dating years as a teenager and as an adult. However, none have affected my life more and none…read more

33 Reasons Dads Are the Most Awesome Human Beings on the Planet

Let’s take a moment to appreciate our favorite dad-isms this Father’s Day. Dad may be embarrassing, less-than tech savvy, and a little clueless about what the kids think is cool these days, but that’s kind of what makes him so endearing. Plus, you gotta give him props for trying so hard. And that overprotective nature?…read more

14 Steamy Romances to Kick Off Your Summer

Well, those three digits on the temperature gauges are our first clue that it’s time to wipe down the BBQ, shake out the beach towels, and lather on sunscreen for the sunny days of Summer. And while I admire those fun-loving people who brave this wicked heat for the best music festivals and sunkissed tans,…read more

20 Things You Never Knew About Boobs

Boobs! They are awesome and weird. You probably feel like you know everything about yours since they’re, you know, on your body, but you’d be surprised – there are some seriously crazy boob facts. Behold. A lot goes into the anatomy of a breast. Female breasts are made of fat, nerves, veins, arteries, breast tissue,…read more

8 Things Guys Are Embarrassed to Admit to You

Societally speaking, men are not believed to be the most emotional beings. Man is a statue, solid in form and relatively expressionless. Because of this societal presumption, men tend to embarrass easily when we stray from prospective “roles,” and the fact of the matter is, we shouldn’t. In reading this piece, you will see that…read more

6 Red Flags You Must Pay Attention to Before Getting Married

Getting married? It’s an exciting time and one of the greatest joys in your life. You are about to start a brand-new chapter in your life that is like no other chapter you have experienced before. However, perhaps there are a few things on your mind that you are afraid to say or note to…read more

5 Tips For Anyone Struggling With Coming Out

Coming out to family and friends isn’t always easy. Carrie Highley, author of Blue Apple Switchback, shares these helpful tips for anyone wondering how to live out loud. Check it out. Always keep in mind that love is meant to be simple, we make it complicated. Don’t let the outside world tell you differently or…read more

This Rustic Ranch Wedding Had the BEST Decor

Couple Christine and Amanda’s first date was at a tapas restaurant called Picaro’s in the heart of San Francisco. “Christine was so nervous that she walked into the kitchen instead of the bathroom,” Amanda said. “We shared a delicious meal together (and the BEST sangria!) while we discovered the strange similarities our lives had.” Turns…read more

16 Flirty, Sexy, and Offbeat Rom-Coms to Stream Instantly on Netflix

Single and ready to mingle in 2016? Get in the positive dating spirit with these romantic Netflix films filled with funny mishaps, adorable meet cutes, and plenty of sexy love stories. With classic rom-coms like Something’s Gotta Give, quirky indie picks like Waiting For Forever, and feel-good, flirty films that end in happily ever afters,…read more

This Refined Utah Wedding Could Not Get Any Classier

It’s not always easy to pull off an unusual wedding theme, but Floridian couple Brandy and Ricardo made their elegant, vintage-style nuptials appear effortless. The lovebirds incorporated a few Great Gatsby elements into their stunning storybook destination wedding, which was held at chateau-style event venue La Caille in Utah. “I truly felt like a princess,”…read more

24 Unique Engagement Photos to Inspire Your Own Upcoming Shoot

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11 Relationship Tips You Need to Learn From Kim and Kanye

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Things Get Messy at This SoCal Engagement Shoot – and It's Amazing

Caitlin is a dancer with a passion for yoga. Chris is a model and actor with a background in gymnastics. Together, they’re an unstoppable pair, and their engagement photos prove it. “[First], we hit a local forest area and then did some studio shots,” photographer Derek Chad said. “I can’t thank them enough for trusting…read more