Sexpectations vs. Reality: The Average Time People Last in Bed Is Not as Long as You Think

Movies and TV shows usually depict sex scenes full of passion and lasting all night long, but most of us know that’s mostly fantasy – at least in terms of how long couples actually last in bed. Adult dating site Saucy Dates surveyed 3,836 men and women across the globe and compared their sexpecations vs….read more

31 Gifts For Women Who Really F*cking Love to Swear

Some people say that women who curse sound less intelligent, and not only do I think that’s bullsh*t, but I think it’s pretty f*cking sexist, too. For all of us who know that getting your point across just feels better with an added F-bomb (or two), feast your eyes on these gifts for women who…read more

10 Ways to Get Through the Holidays as a Single Woman Without a Meltdown

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This Disney Fairy Tale Wedding Was Holiday Themed – and Held at the Happiest Place on Earth!

We know how magical it is to visit Disneyland during the holiday season, but imagine getting married there this time of year. Lucky for Melanie and Greg, the sweet pair were able to tie the knot at the Happiest Place on Earth and have it filmed for the Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings: Holiday Magic special…read more

This Couple's Engagement Shoot in Paris Is So Cute, but Their Proposal Story Is Even Sweeter

Sabrina, of fashion and lifestyle blog Simply Sabrina, and her husband Sahir share a love story that dates way back to their childhood. The two met at their mosque at 8 years old, became good friends, and started dating when they were 15. Ten years later, Sabrina and Sahir tied the knot. On their seventh-year…read more

Our Hearts Are Melting Over This Sweet Fall Engagement Shoot in the Park

When we think of Fall, we automatically picture foliage. So when Rachel and James decided to shoot their engagement photos in November, it was only right that they spend the day at Atlanta’s oldest city park among the beautiful, fallen leaves. Since the two met in Florida, plan to move to Atlanta, and are tying…read more

Star Wars Sex Toys Are Here to Awaken the Force in Your . . . Well, You Know

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15 Cool Items That Make Gifts For Your Brother a Breeze – All Under $100!

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According to the Men of Reddit, Guys Really Hate These 13 Things That Women Do

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21 Wedding Guest Confessions

Weddings are always memorable, from the bride and groom to the wedding guests. But some crazy things always go down at weddings. Check out these fun wedding confessions thanks to our friends at Whisper. Source: Suger

22 Struggles of Being an Adult One Direction Fangirl

I’m Hedy, I’m 29, and I love One Direction. This weekend’s England shows close out the boys’ On the Road Again tour, which could possibly be their last tour ever. I know they’re calling their upcoming plans a break, but let’s be real, a boy band can’t last forever, so this weekend might be the…read more

11 Awesome Perks of Being the Gay Best Friend in Your Squad

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This Black Lace Wedding Dress Is Perfect For an Edgy Bride

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This Fall Engagement Session in the City Is EVERYTHING

There’s nothing like an engagement photo shoot using the gorgeous scenery of Fall as a romantic backdrop. Jacob and Alyssa’s engagement session, which took place in St. Louis, was described as “so stylish and easy” by photographer Ashley Forrest of Forte Photography and Cinema. “Their love for each other was obvious and made them so…read more

The Lazy Girl's Guide to Halloween

It’s common knowledge that Halloween is one of the best American holidays. Endless variants of candy? Check. Spooky decorations? Check. Donning costumes of fantastical beings, grisly monsters, or pop culture icons? Check, check, and check. But once in a full moon, you simply don’t feel like doing sh*t on Halloween. You know what I’m talking…read more

This Woman Took Engagement Photos With Pizza and We Want to Be Her BFF

Nicole Larsen is in a passionate, loving relationship. With pizza. The 19-year-old Alberta, Canada, resident posted an album of professional engagement photos to Facebook and the Internet sang her praises. I mean, what’s not to love? Larsen captioned her album of pizza infatuation with “I just want you. Nothing else, just you.” Have you ever…read more

Even If You Aren't Down With Greek Life, This Recruitment Parody Might Make You Rush

When rush week and back-to-school season approached this year, some sororities amped up their recruiting tactics with over-the-top videos, highlighting what Greek life is really all about. And apparently, it’s all about glitter. But instead of responding with even more criticism than they’ve already received, Harvard’s Alpha Theta pledge class made its own hilarious recruitment…read more

12 Signs You're a Cat Lady and Purrfectly Happy With It

Get excited cat owners, it’s National Cat Day! Cat ladies get a bad rap, but you know what, today’s the day to let your feline freak flag fly. So assess where you stand on your crazy-cat-lady status with these GIFs of fellow kitty-lovers. Then go home and hug your BFF (best feline friend). 1. You…read more

12 Signs You’re a Cat Lady and Purrfectly Happy With It

Get excited cat owners, it’s National Cat Day! Cat ladies get a bad rap, but you know what, today’s the day to let your feline freak flag fly. So assess where you stand on your crazy-cat-lady status with these GIFs of fellow kitty-lovers. Then go home and hug your BFF (best feline friend). 1. You…read more