Bigger Is Not Always Better – There Are Major Benefits to Having a Small Penis

You’ve probably assumed that when it comes to penis size, bigger is better. Yet now’s the time to be proved wrong. Sure, there are many perks to having a large penis (can’t deny that one), but there are always several ways that less endowed men can use their small members to give you oh-so-much pleasure….read more

8 Life Lessons That Only Heartache Can Teach You

Have you ever seen a teenager lose his or her first love? Or maybe you’ve seen someone’s marriage fall apart? Maybe you’ve seen someone left at the altar? Heartache is a wicked, cruel, and unfair thing, but it’s a universal feeling. No one skates by in life without at least one broken heart, but the…read more

24 Disney Wedding Cake Toppers That Will Make Your Big Day That Much Better

The special moment of cutting a wedding cake can be made that much better with a magical twist. The cake is a focal point of any wedding, and you can have it be as simple or as elaborate as you want. Looking for a fun option? Good, because we’ve discovered – drumroll, please – Disney…read more

15 Signs You're Falling Out of Love With Your Partner and What to Do About It

Love is hard, no ifs, ands, or buts about it. And whether you’re in a short-term or long-term relationship, there may be a point where you begin to fall out of love with your partner. There are a few things you may be noticing when the honeymoon phase wears off and you begin to become…read more

15 Signs You’re Falling Out of Love With Your Partner and What to Do About It

Love is hard, no ifs, ands, or buts about it. And whether you’re in a short-term or long-term relationship, there may be a point where you begin to fall out of love with your partner. There are a few things you may be noticing when the honeymoon phase wears off and you begin to become…read more

12 Teen Novels With Positively Imperfect Stories About Sex

True story: I lost my virginity in a car parked alongside a dark and creepy cemetery. As I hustled to get dressed, two police cars pulled up alongside of us. We got a sternly worded lecture from two patrol officers, narrowly avoided receiving a traffic ticket and were sent home in a way that was…read more

The Compliment Your Partner LOVES to Hear, Based on Their Zodiac

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I Had 11 Bridesmaids, and I Don't Regret a Thing

I’ve always felt that weddings are a time to beautifully blend not just two hearts, but two families. This ceremonious moment also includes friends who know the couple well and have been by their sides throughout different times in their lives. When my girlfriends and I used to fantasize about who we would marry and…read more

23 Tiny and Adorable Disney Princess Tattoos

There’s no reason you shouldn’t make your Disney princess obsession permanent. You can show your love for all our favorite ladies with a tiny tattoo that will make a small and sweet statement. Related: 55 Creative Tattoos You’ll Want to Get With Your Best Friend Source: Suger

Kayla Itsines Is Joining the POPSUGAR Play/Ground Fun, So Come Sweat With Us!

We’ve been inspired by trainer Kayla Itsines and her insanely popular BBG program for years, and now the fitness mogul is coming straight to our door! Kayla will be joining our inaugural festival, POPSUGAR Play/Ground, helping us get our sweat on and giving us that much-needed motivation to stay in shape for Summer. Want to…read more

Bad Girls: Take Your Girlfriends to Prison This Halloween

Get in touch with your bad self with a Halloween girl group costume inspired by Orange Is the New Black. Grab your sorority sisters, roommates, best friends, co-workers, or frenemies to pull off the ladies of Litchfield Penitentiary. It’s as easy as throwing on some scrubs and carrying the right accessory. Get some ideas below,…read more

Will Lola Suppress Her Sexual Desires in Order to Save Her Friendship?

In Dark Wild Night, the third edition of the Wild Seasons series, Lola and Oliver find themselves suppressing their secret desires for one another in order to preserve their perfect friendship. When Lola is thrusted into the spotlight after her sexy novel gains national attention, she seeks comfort in Oliver, leaving room for more sultry…read more

If You're in Your 20s, You Must Read This Life-Changing Story

The trek through love and life is hard, but once you read about a couple and 80 flights of stairs in this post from Goody Feed, you’re going to be more inspired than ever. John and Karen are happily married and moving into their first ever apartment together, albeit in a not-so-good location on the…read more

My Journey to Polyamory

I was once a little girl too with little girl dreams. I wasn’t always a sex-positive, independent diva of the highest order. I just happened to have some divergent imprinting at an early age that suggested that the traditional family dynamic (married to a dude with 2.5 children, a dog, and a white picket fence)…read more

Embrace Your Foxy Side With This Fresh Take on Boudoir

How often do our partners – the good ones, anyway – attempt to convince us they find our bodies, flaws and all, sexy as hell? But sadly, most women struggle with insecurities about their bodies, which affects their confidence in life and their relationships. We want the lights off during sex, cover certain body parts…read more

This Bride Will Inspire You to Photograph Your Own Wedding Day

Caterer? Check. DJ? Check. Wedding photographer? No need. Most soon-to-be brides hire a professional to capture their special day, but for Liisa Luts, that was totally unnecessary. As a photographer herself, Liisa decided to take her wedding day into her own hands (literally) and document her day, from waking to sleeping, from her perspective. “I…read more

76 Important Books Quick Enough to Read This Weekend

Sometimes when you’re looking for a good book to read, it’s all about a quick fix. Maybe you’re in a book club and you need something that everyone will be able to finish by next meeting. Or maybe you’re going away for the weekend and you want a novel you can have read by Monday….read more

9 Reasons Bald Boyfriends Are the Best

I like bald guys. It’s not just that I don’t mind if a guy is losing his hair. I think it’s hot. While I recognize that not every 16-year-old girl has a crush on her balding biology teacher, I think women should give bald men another look. In my well-informed opinion, they make the best…read more

Why I Catfished My Boyfriend to Find Out If He Was Cheating

I made a fake profile to catch my boyfriend cheating – xoJane How to help your best friend end a toxic relationship – AskMen Everything you need to know about the slut walk – The Frisky How to tell if the guy you’re interested in is not right for you – HuffPost Women “I love…read more