7 Things That Will Definitely Surprise You About Having a Disney Fairy Tale Wedding

Image Source: Courtesy of Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to have a Disney Fairy Tale Wedding, prepare to be blown away. After chatting with Korri McFann, marketing director at Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings & Honeymoons, and a Disney bride who experienced the magic firsthand, I’ll admit that I’m now…read more

The Maid of Honor and Best Man Met at a Friend's Wedding, and Now They're Married

Things came full circle at Kim and Jon’s colorful cottage nuptials on Hope Glen Farm, MN. The two actually met at a friend’s wedding when they were the maid of honor and best man. And in return at their very own wedding, their friends were their maid of honor and best man. Even their best…read more

This Is What a Gatsby-Inspired Winter Wedding Looks Like

Every detail of Dana and Greg’s Winter wonderland wedding had so much thought behind it. From the ceremony programs, which featured personal thank-yous from the bride and groom, to the monogrammed ice bar, this couple went above and beyond to make it a great time for their guests. The couple’s wedding day began with a…read more

Staying Is Not Your Only Option – Here's How to Get Out of a Toxic Relationship

As someone who endured an abusive relationship for four years, I can tell you firsthand that leaving can often be harder than staying. Aside from the logistics you have to consider with a breakup, the love/hate dynamic of a toxic relationship further complicates the situation and hinders your ability to see things clearly. But also…read more

13 Personalized Valentine's Day Gifts For Your SO

If you want to make your valentine feel extra special this year, look for something that will stand out from the rest. Personalize the gift to fit your SO’s initials or your relationship, and we promise they’ll cherish it even more. From customized pillow covers to monogrammed jewelry, we’ve found 13 thoughtful items to give…read more

These 9 Intimate Podcasts on Sex and Love Will Make You Blush

If you haven’t jumped aboard the podcast bandwagon, let me just say you’re totally missing out. Yes, these audio shows can be a tremendous tool for furthering your finance knowledge and gaining more insight into professional development, but did you know they can also be great for improving your sex life? That’s right – there…read more

Dear Bride: You Are Getting Ripped Off

It’s not a secret that planning a wedding can be a complete and utter money sucker. From flowers to food, dresses to DJs, putting together all the puzzle pieces of your dream wedding day might mean that you are digging into your savings account and your parents’ savings accounts – even swiping your credit card…read more

This Artist’s Comics Showing Life With His Wife Are Hilariously Relatable

Marriage is more than sticking together in sickness and in health – it’s also about sharing the fun and silly moments in between. When illustrator and graphic designer Yehuda Devir isn’t busy with a project, he’s showing what life with his “hot wife,” Maya, looks like through comics. The Tel Aviv-based artist perfectly captures marriage…read more

The Sweet Details of This Small Garden Wedding Make Us Wish We Were Invited

Kaylynn and Derrick’s guest list included people from all around – they even traveled to Oregon from Alaska to get married near family. Derrick is a professional basketball player, and most of his groomsmen are former teammates who came from around the country to celebrate. They tied the knot in the Ogren Gardens, which you’d…read more

These Birth Flower Tattoos Might Make You Forget About Your Zodiac Sign

If you’ve been thinking about getting a tattoo of your zodiac sign, you may want to consider birth flower tattoos while you’re at it. Like a birth stone, there are 12 different flowers that each represent a month in the year. They’re such a pretty way to honor the month you were born, and so…read more

The 7-Step Guide For Turning Men Into Feminists

A few nights ago, my boyfriend and I were lazily surfing the Internet, decked out in fuzzy drawstring sweatpants with our feet up on the coffee table. We were both tired from work and half hungry. Nothing out of the ordinary. He was sitting directly across from me, absorbed in something on the computer screen….read more

20 Things Only Sisters Understand

Having a sister is pretty much the best thing ever — she’s a built-in best friend. My little sister Maddy was born when I was 3 years old, so she’s basically been around since I can remember. We laugh together, we bicker with each other, and she knows all my secrets. Even when she drives…read more

24 Signs You've Found Your Soul Mate

There are people you meet who, for no reason you can explain, you share a connection with on a deeper level than anyone else you’ve ever known. Whether you believe in the kind of a soul mate born from fiction and fairy tales, or simply hope that there is someone out there who is meant…read more

You'll Be in Awe of These Sexy and Strong Photos of Stripped-Down Veterans

Photographer Michael Stokes is causing America to view wounded veterans in an entirely new way. Stokes’s project Always Loyal captures United States Army, Navy, and Marine veterans of The Gulf Wars as strong, confident heroes. The vets — who have all lost one or multiple limbs — are featured nearly naked to showcase every aspect…read more

A Girl-Powered Playlist For Gettin' It On

What you put on your panty-dropping playlist says a lot about you. Our message? Men don’t have the monopoly on lovemaking music. We girls like to get it on too, as this playlist proves. Full of sexually explicit songs by sexy ladies who aren’t afraid to demand exactly what they want, this is the perfect…read more

7 Reasons You Should Be Having More Sex

There’s no denying that sex is often on the brain, but lucky for us, that’s not always a bad thing! When it comes to getting it on, doing it more can actually benefit your body and your mind — not to mention your relationship. Below are some surprising perks of getting busy regularly. 1. An…read more

How to Become a Sex Goddess in 10 Easy Steps

I’m a self-proclaimed sex goddess. Pretty darned fearless in bed, comfortable with my body for the most part, multiorgasmic, a squirter of the highest order, and a queen between the sheets. I get what I need in bed because I ask for it. I’m unafraid of my wants and needs, my proclivities, my taste buds….read more

The Ultimate Summer Couples Bucket List

There’s a reason John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John felt so strongly about Summer lovin’. After all, the season’s about turning up the heat and spending the hot sticky months with someone you love. Get on your way with a bucket list packed with fun and playful suggestions for a sexy Summer, be it in the…read more

23 Things That Make a Guy Irresistibly HOT

21 Life Lessons ‘She’s the Man’ Taught Us HerCampus 553 Shares A Gorgeous BFF Bridal Shoot That Proves Disney Princesses Aren’t Just a Phase 898 Shares Spice Up Your Relationship With This 30-Day Challenge 212.6K Shares FROM EW: How J.J. Abrams Broke His Back Trying to Help Harrison Ford on the Set of Star Wars…read more

23 Things That Make a Guy Irresistibly HOT

What is it about guys that make them so damn irresistible? Well there’s a lot of stuff, actually. To be honest, most things that are sexy about men really don’t make sense – how does a simple beard make us melt to a puddle on the ground? Here are some man-spired traits that got us…read more