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My Wedding Cost Under $5,000 – Here’s How We Did It

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The 1 Thing That Helps Keep Our Marriage Hot and Solve Our Arguments? Dance

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What It's Like When You Start Caring For Your Aging Parents

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What If Disney Princesses Were More Diverse?

We’ve seen Disney princesses as dudes, as Game of Thrones characters, and reimagined in a variety of artistic ways. Now artist TT Bret of the Tumblr site Let There Be Doodles has changed out the skin color of the ladies with this collection of “race-bent” Disney princesses. The artist elaborates on the project: “I honestly…read more

100+ Halloween Costume Ideas Inspired by the '90s

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15 Delightful Favors For Fall Weddings

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Taylor Swift's Lessons on How to Love Fearlessly

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"I Was a Real-Life Disneyland Mermaid"

Did you know there used to be live mermaids at Disneyland in the late ’50s and ’60s? It’s true! In this excerpt from Chris Strodder’s book The Disneyland Book of Lists, one of these former Disneyland mermaids shares her tale. When the new Submarine Voyage launched in mid-1959, eight costumed mermaids splashed around in Tomorrowland’s…read more

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These Surprising Ashley Madison Stats Have Our Attention

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