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20 Ways to Channel Snow White This Halloween

When wearing the perfect Snow White costume, there’s no need for a magic mirror – everybody else will tell you that you’re the fairest of them all! To channel the original Disney princess this Halloween, you don’t need to search through any enchanted forests; instead, check out these awesome inspiration photos. From pinup princesses to…read more

Some of Our Favorite Disney Princes Look Hot as Hell in This Realistic Artwork

Hold on – is this artwork created by Jirka Vinse Jonatan Väätäinen images of actual models, new Bachelorette contestants, or Disney princes? The artist and graphic designer, who beautifully reimagined what Disney princesses would look like if they were real women, did it again – but this time with the sexy dudes of our favorite…read more

My SO and I Might Never Get Married, and I'm Totally Fine With That

One time in the car coming back from yet another wedding, my partner, Keith, and I started talking about what our own would be like. City Hall, we decided. A reception. Only Olympia beer. And pizza. You know, just the kind of beautiful traditions that couples have been enjoying for centuries. That was a few…read more

I'm the Only Single Friend in My Group, and I Actually Love It

When I was younger, I was obsessed with princess movies. I loved the happily ever after endings and dreamed of the day I would find my own prince charming. Mostly because, as a child, I had no idea how relationships actually worked. Now, many years later, I’ve realized that being in a relationship in early…read more

This Enchanting Wedding Is Inspiring Us to Channel Our Inner Disney Princess This Halloween

“As little girls, a lot of us dream of the perfect princess wedding. Sometimes, even as adults, we still dream of that fairy tale,” photographer Emmarie Jackson said of this shoot. The fantasy of having a magical wedding never truly goes away, and especially not when Disney is your main inspiration. Jackson decided to make…read more

15 Sparkly Halloween Costumes For the Shiniest Girl in the Room

Does the word “sparkly” make your heart race? Chances are you’re seriously addicted to glitter. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. There are others out there just like you, waiting for you to let your sparkle freak flag fly. This year for Halloween, do your flashy duty and wear something shiny. We’ve got all sorts of…read more

These 94 Disney Costume Ideas Will Blow Your Mind

The D23 Expo takes over Disneyland every other year, and just like at Comic-Con, there are always some incredibly fun and outrageously creative costume ideas for diehard Disney fans. There’s something for everyone – cute couple ideas, twists on Disney princesses, and groups from movies like Inside Out. There are even costumes inspired by the…read more

This Cards Against Disney Game Is Hilarious – and Very NSFW

If you love the raucous party game Cards Against Humanity, you’ll definitely love the “unofficial” Cards Against Disney, the latest unofficial spinoff of the card game for grown-ups that will thoroughly ruin your childhood. The game, which is available on Etsy as a downloadable card pack, features 260 black cards and 568 white cards with…read more

This Halloween Corn Maze Wedding Is Dark, Sophisticated, and Bone-Chillingly Beautiful

If you love Halloween, this spooky wedding shoot is a great way to get a little dark inspiration for your big day. Taken in a corn maze in Moapa, NV, photographer Karissa Russ captured every aspect of this “till death do us part” styled shoot in all of its bone-chilling glory. Skulls, black candles, gauze,…read more

How to Ask Someone to Wear a Condom

Feeling uncomfortable in an intimate situation sucks. You should never be pressured to not use a condom and always feel empowered to speak up to ensure your safety. But that’s easier said than done. For a long time, I found it extremely difficult to bring up protection in the middle of a hookup. I was…read more

The Essential Grandparents Gift Guide

Grabbing a holiday gift for Grandpa or Grandma isn’t always a cakewalk – after all, they’re a few generations apart from you, so their Christmas wishlist probably looks next to nothing like yours. Hop in the mindset of your elders and start brainstorming the perfect presents for your grandfolks . . . or make it…read more

This Christmas Tree Farm Wedding Cannot Be Real Life – It's Too Perfect

You have not seen a Winter wedding better than this – that’s a gaurantee. When blogger Sarah Vickers started dating her now-husband Kiel James Patrick, they planted a Christmas tree together. This month, they married each other at the very same place they fell in love, Henry’s Christmas tree farm in Hope, Rhode Island. Oh,…read more

How to Deal When Your Significant Other Finds a New Passion

A new hobby can spell disaster for any relationship. Best-case scenario, we worry it’s a sign that a deep boredom, or psychological sea change, is occurring in our significant other, one we are powerless to stop. At worst, it’s a symptom that such a shift has occurred and is already being manifested. Most likely in…read more

Cheers to Love: 22 Kiss-Friendly New Year's Eve Date Ideas

Planning to celebrate New Year’s Eve with your love? No need to stress about fun date options, because we’ve got you covered with 22 sweet and sexy ideas. A cozy, intimate night in, a fancy evening out in your favorite party dress – whatever you have in mind, these suggestions are sure to help you…read more

22 Hanukkah Gifts For Your Girlfriends

Get in the Hanukkah spirit with this gift guide for your favorite ladies. Celebrate the Jewish holiday by giving one of these 22 fun and stylish gifts to a hostess, family member, or loved one. From cookies to nail decals, there’s something for everyone. And at an under-$100 price point, they’re as easy on the…read more

37 Gifts For the Girl (Seriously) Obsessed With Pizza

Pizza is a way of life. That’s not an opinion – it’s a fact. If you know a girl whose heart is made of gold and stomach is filled with pizza, we’ve found the perfect gifts for her. Keep reading to see our 37 favorite pizza-themed gifts in all of their triangular splendor.

23 Books You Should Read This Winter

Just in time for Thanksgiving vacation, we’ve got your roundup of the best books to crack open this Winter. Women’s fiction author Brenda Janowitz has shared with us her recommendations for the best holiday books! If you missed her past picks, here are her Fall reading recommendations.

Single Ladies! Be Bold and Take Our 30-Day Challenge

It matters not if you think single life is a plight or you find it to be a breeze; it’s never a bad idea to push yourself out of your comfort zone and see what happens! We’ve come up with 30 ways – both daring and simple – that you can change things up in…read more