These Grooms Got Married in New York, and It Looks Like a Movie Come to Life – That Skyline View!

Felix and Jose have traveled the globe, and ultimately they decided to get married in the Big Apple. The intimate ceremony took place on the waterfront in Dumbo, Brooklyn. This iconic New York spot is known for its cinematic views of the Manhattan skyline, and it looks like something out of a rom-com! “The day…read more

You're Guaranteed to Fall in Love With the Best Romance Novels of 2019 So Far

Few things are quite as swoon-worthy as a sexy, sensual romance novel. Though you may think that seeing a romance play out on the page rather than on screen is not nearly as satisfying, we think we have a few books for you that may just change your mind. From tales of nemeses-turned-lovers to star-crossed…read more

You’re Guaranteed to Fall in Love With the Best Romance Novels of 2019 So Far

Few things are quite as swoon-worthy as a sexy, sensual romance novel. Though you may think that seeing a romance play out on the page rather than on screen is not nearly as satisfying, we think we have a few books for you that may just change your mind. From tales of nemeses-turned-lovers to star-crossed…read more

11 Reasons Marrying Someone Older Than You Is the Absolute Best

When I started to date someone older than me, it seemed like the comments and questions were never-ending. “What could you possibly have in common? Aren’t you at different points in your life? What’s the age difference again?” were just a few that I would constantly deal with. The judgment and criticism that my husband…read more

This Artist Smashes Stereotypes by Giving Male Superheroes a Sexy, Pinup-Style Makeover

In David Talaski-Brown‘s mind, Thor doesn’t wear a red cape and full-body armor – he rocks a pink polka-dotted robe, green Hulk slippers, and, well, that’s about it. A 29-year-old artist from Portland, OR, David is flipping the script with male superheroes, giving them a sexy makeover as a nod to the way scantily clad…read more

16 Things Only People Who Cry Easily Will Relate To

Feel your eyes getting misty just thinking about something really sad or even happy? You might just be a bona fide crier. While crying is a natural form of self-expression, it definitely still receives stigma for making people appear weak or soft. As someone who sheds tears on a semi-regular basis in reality and while…read more

16 Genius Wedding Secrets Straight From a Wedding Planner

Planning a wedding is no easy feat. From the very first moments of reveling in the engagement excitement to the actual big day, there are so many decisions and hurdles you’ll face along the way. Should you have the destination wedding you’ve always dreamed of? Is it really worth tackling so many Pinterest-inspired DIY projects?…read more

Why I Decided to Get Nonmarried

Getting married was never important to me, but I did it once anyway. After two years of marriage, I got divorced, and while I knew I wanted to find love again, I had no interest in getting married again. Thankfully, I found a partner who felt the same way, and after five years together, we…read more

Jonathan Bennett Released a Mean Girls Pride Collection, So on Wednesdays, We Wear Rainbows

Get in loser, we’re going to Pride. Thanks to North Shore High’s very own Aaron Samuels (aka Jonathan Bennett), a Mean Girls Pride collection now exists, and it looks like rainbows are the new pink. In honor of Pride Month, the actor partnered up with holiday apparel brand Tipsy Elves to create a 10-piece line…read more

I Tried Tinder Passport, and Here’s What Happened

Dating when you’re new in town can be intimidating. Whether you’re traveling solo and want to meet a local or you’re moving to a new city and curious about the dating scene, your answer may be in Tinder Passport. Available with paid versions of the app like Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold, Tinder Passport effectively…read more

Of All the Disney Princess Art Out There, These Badass Warriors Will Be Your Favorite

Gone are the days of princesses waiting for knights in shining armor to rescue them. It’s 2015, people! So when artist Jessica Madorran decided to reimagine her favorite Disney heroines, she gave them appropriate getups for today’s world – and by “appropriate getups,” I mean serious ass-kicking gear. These gorgeously interpreted warrior princesses could escape…read more

4 Astonishingly Simple Secrets to a Happy Relationship

We can find happiness in all kinds of places, but there’s perhaps nothing as special as being truly elated in the relationship with your significant other. Here we’re breaking down the most important secrets to a happy partnership, according to studies that know what they’re talking about. You might have heard some of these tips…read more

The 22 Stages of Your High School Reunion

Anyone else remember watching Romy & Michele’s High School Reunion and thinking, “When I’m that old, I’ll have my life together way better than those girls do”? Then you get your Facebook invitation to the group “10-Year High School Reunion Coming Up! Yay!” and realize that the time is now, people. Is your sh*t together?…read more

15 Types of Single Girls We All Know

Whether you’re a single girl or you know a few, everyone has a different attitude about going it alone. Each single lady has her own distinguishable character, so we’re naming the 15 types of girls we all undoubtedly know. Keep reading to see if you can put your friends into these hilarious – but accurate…read more

44 Songs Perfect For Falling in Love

One of the most memorable ways to tell someone you’re falling in love with them is through music. If you’re not into writing your own tune, you should consider checking out these tracks to show just how much you care. Whether you prefer a romantic ballad or beautiful collaboration, your love interest is certain to…read more

This Exceptionally Smug Wiener Dog Made Its Owners' Engagement Photos Way Cuter

Engagement shoots are a great way for soon-to-be-wed couples to showcase their personalities . . . or, in Chris and Megan’s case, their pet’s personality. When the couple set out to take the perfect Fall engagement portraits with Minneapolis wedding photographer DNK Photography, they brought along their mini dachshund, Louie – a choice that resulted…read more

Get Happy With Our Girl-Powered Playlist

We’ve been feeling the lady love lately with all the chart-topping songs by women – and for women. These songs tackle everything from sexist stereotypes like in Maggie & Tae’s “Girl in a Country Song” to body-image issues like in Meghan Trainor’s “All About That Bass.” Get our Spotify playlist below to listen to these…read more

38 of the Best Disney Kisses of All Time

Nothing warms the heart like a good animated Disney movie, and the tender, funny, and romantic relationships in these iconic films really have a way of staying with us. These heartfelt moments – not to mention love songs – stir up childhood memories and remind us to love with abandon. So kiss away any blues…read more

Is Oprah Recommending We Buy Penis Bread?

Is it just us, or does this challah menorah Oprah included in her 2015 Favorite Things look a little . . . phallic? I’m not sure those candles were well-thought-out. Not to mention it’s $45! I personally love challah, but I can imagine a few giggles around the table if this were served during Hanukkah….read more

Listen to the Ultimate Romantic Christmas Playlist

Break out the hot chocolate, light the fire, and cozy up with your boo because we’re already getting excited for Christmas. Ahead of the holiday madness, be sure to carve out some alone time and set the mood with these romantic Christmas tunes. You’ll have a night to remember – no mistletoe required. “All I…read more