Thank You, Target, For Taking Ugly Christmas Sweaters to a Whole New "Dressy" Level

You’ve seen your fair share of ugly Christmas sweaters, but have you witnessed Target’s twist on the ugly Christmas sweater trend? We are talking about ugly Christmas sweater dresses, people. Target has blessed our holiday season with these “ugly” (and by ugly, we mean cute) holiday sweater dresses, and we will be wearing them to…read more

30 Gift Ideas For Girls Who Love Their Sleep

Everyone has that friend who rolls into work with bedhead and pillow marks on her face, who consistently is running late to appointments or almost misses flights because she oversleeps, and who spends her weekends napping. For my friends, that person is me – I just love sleep. In bed, on a plane, on the…read more

Hold on to Your Santa Hat, It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like a Christmas-Themed Wedding

Let’s be honest, Winter is amazing. It’s that time of year when you can bundle up near a fireplace and sip on hot cocoa all day and, best of all, you can spend your holidays with your loved ones. Well, photographer Jessica Palacios managed to capture the amazing essence of the holiday season in this…read more

Meet the Best Stocking Stuffers of the Holiday Season

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We're Crying Over These Ugly Christmas Sweaters – They're All on Amazon and Under $40!

We’ll be honest, we not-so-secretly love an ugly Christmas sweater. They’re so much fun, and they make us smile. Now, there are sweaters that light up, sweaters with cats, and sweaters with funny sayings, so you can express yourself and your sense of humor at every holiday party. The best part? All of these picks…read more

An Inflatable Shotski Exists, and Your Ski Trips Will Never Be the Same

Gone are the days of lounging around the pool on our trendy-slash-adorable-slash-Instagrammable floats, but have no fear, inflatable enthusiasts, because Funboy is back with a whole slew of Winter products and we’re officially ready for some snow. The brand that brought us our beloved pool floats has dabbled in the cool-weather category, introducing us to…read more

15 of the Most Inspirational Books For Women, Because 2018 Has Been a Year

As a woman in 2018, every day can feel like a battle, so there’s always room for a little inspiration. Reading powerful, meaningful words helps us get through our days stronger than ever, and we’ll take any extra boost of confidence we can get. If you’re looking to be reminded of your own worth, or…read more

Lounging Never Looked Hotter Thanks to These Winter-Wear Essentials

When the temperature drops, it’s only fitting to turn up the heat on your quintessential Winter looks. Finding loungewear that is comfortable and cute is key to keeping you feeling hot on the coldest days this season. So stay stylish all Winter long in these effortlessly comfortable loungewear pieces. From full pajama sets to oversize…read more

15 Sweet and Thoughtful Gifts Your Grandma Will Love

When my grandma’s birthday arrived last week, I was totally stumped on what to get her. Grandmas already have everything! That’s why I did an internet deep dive to find the very best gifts out there. These presents are thoughtful, are unique, and target a wide variety of interests. Whether you’re Christmas shopping or preparing…read more

4 Things I Wish People Would Stop Saying to Single Women

I don’t talk much about my personal life, especially on the internet. Why? Partly because I tend to be a pretty private person, but also because I’m a single woman in my 20s. Mentioning my singledom, whether to friends and family or in passing online inevitably leads to a slew of uninvited comments. It definitely…read more

21 Ridiculously Attractive Guys in Their Underwear

Clothes are dumb, especially on men. That’s why we took on the daunting task of scouring the web for the hottest guys in nothing but their underwear. Seriously, these men are ridiculously good-looking and very comfortable in their own skin. Get ready for some visual stimulation, and share the undie-clad babes! Source: Suger

Which Halloween Costume Is Best For Your Zodiac Sign?

Instead of stressing out over your Halloween costume this year, why not let the stars decide? We’ve narrowed down costume ideas for each zodiac sign so that you can rest easy when deciding your holiday getup. From the stubbornness of the Taurus to Scorpio’s signature boldness, each suggestion is inspired by your zodiac sign’s most…read more

Everything You Need to Know About Orgasms

Plenty has been said about how and why women orgasm, but which claims have the research to back them up? We’re collecting results from recent studies and highlighting the juiciest facts about the big “O.” Take a look at these surprising finds to learn what makes for better sex, what you can do to prompt…read more

50+ Adorable Disney Couples Costumes

Ready for some seriously magical costume inspiration? The world of Disney is filled with romantic princesses and their princes, evil villains, and a plethora of other beloved characters — and they all make for some of the most fun, nostalgic, and just plain cute couples costumes. Some can even be sexy! So whether you’re celebrating Halloween…read more

17 Shocking Romance Novels Not For the Faint of Heart

Some deem simple romance novels to be so utterly boring compared to the enthralling alternative options (zombie falls in love with human, anyone?). It’s a niche audience, but I would argue that the depraved-love-genre fan base is growing larger by day. Thus, I’ve gathered up 17 of the weirdest, most twisted, most corrupt romance books…read more

30 Things That Will (Probably) Happen in Your 30s

Your 20s have passed, and you are on to the next decade of your life. Now what? Dear Wendy gives us 30 things we should expect to happen in our 30s. I’m at the age now — 38 — where, when people ask how old I am, it takes me a minute to remember. I don’t…read more

Watch Porn Stars Give Women BJ Advice (With Popsicles, of Course)

If you ever sit down for blow job lessons with a porn star, don’t be surprised when they ask: “Do you have tonsils? If you get them removed, you’ll have more room for d*cks back there.” Adult entertainers Dana Dearmond, Alix Lynx, and Skin Diamond did just that for several non-porn-star women, using popsicles as…read more

I Met My Soul Mate on Tinder and Married Him 6 Weeks Later

The 12 Worst Things About Starting a New Semester HerCampus 149 Shares Spice Up Your Relationship With This 30-Day Challenge 214.1K Shares 12 Reasons I’m Glad I Married My High School Sweetheart 4.4K Shares Newborn with Umbilical Cord Still Attached Found Abandoned in Stroller: ‘His Pajamas Were Soaked in Sweat’ People 3.8K Shares Take Our…read more

21 of the Hottest Guys on Instagram You Need to Follow

Has your Instagram feed been a little dull lately? Not to worry, I’m here to help. There are some hot guys on Instagram who are so attractive that we question if they are real human beings. We’re talking man selfies, shirtless pics, and chiseled jaws that will get you feeling the warmest you’ve been all…read more

21 of the Hottest Guys on Instagram You Need to Follow

Has your Instagram feed been a little dull lately? Not to worry, I’m here to help. There are some hot guys on Instagram who are so attractive that we question if they are real human beings. We’re talking man selfies, shirtless pics, and chiseled jaws that will get you feeling the warmest you’ve been all…read more