I Was a Virgin All Through College, and This Is How I Feel About It Now

Warning: some things discussed in this personal essay may be triggering to survivors of sexual assault. Most people are still surprised that I voluntarily stayed a virgin throughout college. Given some of the less forgiving stigmas and stereotypes about abstinence, I can definitely understand why. I’m not religious in any sense of the word, nor…read more

8 Perks of Having a Friend With Benefits

If there’s one thing millennials complain about the most, it’s dating. We live in an age where app culture is like glorified online shopping. We can be too quick to swipe left after seeing one picture and too quick to ghost after one date. Just like ordering Postmates, it’s easy to log onto the apps…read more

This Couple Got Married by Candlelight During the NYC Blackout, and It Looked SO Romantic

I’ve got a great story from the Great New York City Blackout of 2019.This couple was getting married at The Plaza. The lights went out during the wedding. They said their vows in the dark. No food; just candles.But they made the best of the situation and danced the night away. pic.twitter.com/0jT0MGJ6Mf – Emma G….read more

30 Hot Ideas For the Single Girl’s Summer Bucket List

There’s no better time to be a single gal than in the Summer – am I right? Just think of all the people waiting to be met and all the fun to be had. And forget needing a partner to enjoy the season – you can have the best time ever with friends or even…read more

This Photographer Transforms Photos of Couples Into Sexy and Surreal Works of Art

The Fourth festivities may be over, but these steamy photos bring the fireworks! Photographer Joan Carol is talented at capturing stunning, romantic moments on camera and transforming them into magical shots. He has a particular knack for showcasing the raw passion between couples in intimate moments, and his underwater and beach-set photos are truly spectacular…read more

This Couple Made a Beautiful Moroccan Pool Sexy and Sensual – Just Wait Until You See Their Chemistry

Romance, passion, and crazy love are just a few of the components that made a couple’s photo shoot in Marrakesh, Morocco, so utterly breathtaking. Caroline and her husband, Jacob, set the scene at a beautiful riad, a traditional Moroccan house or palace with a courtyard, and made the already dreamy location more romantic than ever….read more

Being Friends With Benefits Almost Never Works – Here's Why

The idea of having a friend with benefits sounds amazing. After all, it’s kind of the best of both worlds: you have a friendly companion with whom you can enjoy intimate experiences, yet you’re perfectly free to see other people, and you have no problematic conceptions of something happening long-term. What could possibly go wrong?…read more

Being Friends With Benefits Almost Never Works – Here’s Why

The idea of having a friend with benefits sounds amazing. After all, it’s kind of the best of both worlds: you have a friendly companion with whom you can enjoy intimate experiences, yet you’re perfectly free to see other people, and you have no problematic conceptions of something happening long-term. What could possibly go wrong?…read more

20 Lesbian Romances You Can Stream on Netflix

More than ever before, we’re seeing lesbian relationships represented in film and on television. Shown on the small screen this year, Elena from One Day at a Time, Emily from The Handmaid’s Tale, and Villanelle from Killing Eve are all queer women with wildly different stories. And recent movies like Booksmart and The Favourite feature…read more

Is It OK to Think About Your First Love When You're Married? Here's What an Expert Says

Even if you love your significant other more than anything, you’re still separate people with your own histories, memories, and relationships. And unless you married the first person you dated, your partner is probably not your first love. And that means that at one point in your life, someone else dominated your thoughts and feelings,…read more

The Ultimate Bridal Shower Checklist!

If you’re the maid of honor or a bridesmaid this wedding season, you may be asked to plan a bridal shower for the bride-to-be. But where to begin? We’ve made planning a bridal shower a piece of cake with our simple checklist that breaks down all the steps to a beautiful, fun prewedding party. Download…read more

50+ Sexy Halloween Couples Costume Ideas

Halloween is notorious for bringing out the sexy in all of us, so why not let your significant other join in on the action? We’ve rounded up some of the most romantic (and maybe even a little raunchy) couples costumes out there. Get creative with your partner in crime this year, and add some sex…read more

25 Heartthrob Posters From the '90s You'll Totally Want to Put on Your Walls

Thanks to Jonathan Taylor Thomas’s 34th birthday today, we are big-time reminiscing about our favorite ’90s heartthrobs. Not only did we see all their movies, sing all their songs, and learn all their dance moves, but we also managed to cover every last inch of our bedroom walls and school notebooks with pictures of the…read more

The Beast Giving Belle Tattoos Is Weirdly Sexy

Is it weird that Beauty getting tattooed by her Beast is kind of sexy? Because we think it’s really sexy. We’ve seen Disney princesses reimagined in some pretty crazy ways, but the artwork by Joel Santana of the ladies getting inked is edgy, original, and beautiful. See what Belle and Ariel would look like getting…read more

17 Types of Brides We All Know (For Better or Worse)

Brace your bouquets – wedding season will be upon us soon enough. Have you been to your fair share of weddings or even been a bride yourself? Then you know what we’re talking about when we say every bride has a pretty distinguishable attitude when it comes to her wedding. Some women couldn’t care less…read more

Will Catherine Survive This Sexy Love Affair?

In Luck Be a Lady, Catherine Everleigh is London’s loveliest heiress, but a bitter lesson in heartbreak has taught her to keep to herself. All she wants is her birthright – the auction house that was stolen from her. And she needs a powerful ally to get it back. Enter Nicholas O’Shea, crime lord extraordinaire….read more

6 Reasons Smoking Weed Will Solve ALL Your Relationship Problems

What if we told you that there’s a new solution to all of your relationship woes – weed. Yup, you heard us right. Our friends at YourTango break down the major benefits of smoking weed with your partner. Check them out below. Light it up! According to the experts at Women’s Health Magazine, the three…read more

This Elderly Couple Reuniting at the Airport Is Ridiculously Adorable

This is true love.- Chris GQ Perry Posted by Chris GQ Perry on Monday, September 7, 2015 Picking up your significant other at the airport is always a sweet moment, and this one elderly couple sure knows how to keep the sparks flying. Posted on Facebook by user Chris GQ Perry, this video of an…read more

How to Behave When Meeting Your Boyfriend's Parents For the First Time

How to make the best first impression on your boyfriend’s parents – The Frisky 10 steps to put an end to your toxic relationships – AskMen That 1 time I ended a date early because he was a Republican – xoJane 3 mistakes women over 50 should avoid when dating – HuffPost Women “My daughter…read more