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The Bachelor's Mistreatment of Sex and Virginity Is Gross, and I'm Tired of It

This week’s episode of The Bachelor introduced a couple of particularly controversial twists: not only did Madison’s virginity come up again when she didn’t want Peter sleeping with anyone else during Fantasy Suite Week, but the production team put all three women in a shared suite, forcing them to get personal info about each other’s…read more

These Harry Potter Quotes Can Help Us All Mourn the Loss of a Loved One

Inevitably, death is a part of life, and one way to cope is with wise quotes from our favorite series, Harry Potter. The movies and books address the loss of a number of beloved characters, from Fred Weasley to Dobby and more, reminding us all of the short time we have here on Earth. With…read more

Everyone on Love Is Blind Is Conventionally Attractive, So What's the Point?

Netflix’s dating show Love Is Blind is touted as a revolutionary take on the stereotypically shallow world of dating reality TV. The whole point of the show, theoretically, is to prove that love isn’t all about the looks, but about the connection. By making contestants get to know each other “blind” first, it’s supposed to…read more

I Went to a Nude Beach With a Friend, and We Loved It

Beach days are hard to beat. You are lying in the warm sunshine, have sand between your toes, and can hear the sound of waves crashing. What could be better, right? Maybe . . . going naked? Yep, I went to a nude beach in San Diego while visiting my friend Nicole, and it was…read more

Which Sexy Disney Prince Is Your Type?

We obviously love Disney princess art, but we can’t forget about their romantic counterparts! Artist David Kawena used his skills to reimagine some of the Disney princes (and heroes) as scantily clad stud muffins, and we have to say – royalty never looked so good (or so well-endowed). David created these incredibly realistic versions of…read more

Oh, Yay, David! This Schitt's Creek-Inspired Wedding Shoot Is Simply the Best

Schitt’s Creek may be coming to an end, but the characters of the beloved show are going to stay in our hearts forever. Moira, John, David, and Alexis Rose have charmed their way into our lives over the past five years, making the town of Schitt’s Creek actually seem like a really wonderful place to…read more

Peter and Lara Jean's Sex Talk Scene in P.S. I Still Love You Brings Up Important Issues About Boundaries

P.S. I Still Love You, the highly anticipated sequel to To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, was released on Netflix on Feb. 12, and viewers immediately fell in love. But between the adorable Covey family moments and swoon-worthy Peter Kavinsky lines, the film also featured an important scene that focuses on the concepts of…read more

Disney Is Releasing New Princess Wedding Dresses For Your Own Happily Ever After

When you wish upon a star, you get a wedding dress fit for a princess. Disney is ready to help brides take the next step toward happily ever after with its upcoming line of Allure Bridals dresses. The Disney Fairy Tale Weddings Collection will include 16 styles paying tribute to the most iconic animated princesses,…read more

This Bride Ditched the Traditional Wedding Day Attire and Wore a Heart-Printed Coat Instead

A cold Winter day in New York City was all Ryan and Rose needed to elope together. Coming across the globe from Australia, the couple tied the knot in the city of dreams with nothing more than a small handful of loved ones to witness their special day. Dressed in a romantic pink coat decorated…read more

I Tried This Dating Hack From the Appily Ever After Book, and It Worked Immediately

I love dating advice. The notion that someone out there knows what to do about the personal experiences I’m having with my love life is fascinating, and I constantly find myself obsessed with hunting down answers. And my new favorite dating tip comes from the new book, Appily Ever After, by Benjamin Daly. A modern…read more

What to Do When He's Just Not That Interested in You

How to tell when you’ve been put in the friend zone – The Frisky Why you should write down everything you feel after a breakup – AskMen My husband proposed to me with an untraditional engagement ring – xoJane Why you should talk (instead of sleeping) after sex – HuffPost Women Is it wrong to…read more

The Biggest Highlights From This Year's Emmys, All in One Place

This year’s Emmy Awards were positively charged with emotional moments, laugh-out-loud jokes, and plenty more. After all the stars walked the red carpet, the show moved along with tons of impassioned speeches and sweet onstage moments. Whether you skipped the show or just need a refresher, keep reading for a rundown of all the night’s…read more

Bad Girls: Take Your Girlfriends to Prison This Halloween

Get in touch with your bad self with a Halloween girl group costume inspired by Orange Is the New Black. Grab your sorority sisters, roommates, best friends, co-workers, or frenemies to pull off the ladies of Litchfield Penitentiary. It’s as easy as throwing on some scrubs and carrying the right accessory. Get some ideas below,…read more

Will Lola Suppress Her Sexual Desires in Order to Save Her Friendship?

In Dark Wild Night, the third edition of the Wild Seasons series, Lola and Oliver find themselves suppressing their secret desires for one another in order to preserve their perfect friendship. When Lola is thrusted into the spotlight after her sexy novel gains national attention, she seeks comfort in Oliver, leaving room for more sultry…read more

If You're in Your 20s, You Must Read This Life-Changing Story

The trek through love and life is hard, but once you read about a couple and 80 flights of stairs in this post from Goody Feed, you’re going to be more inspired than ever. John and Karen are happily married and moving into their first ever apartment together, albeit in a not-so-good location on the…read more

My Journey to Polyamory

I was once a little girl too with little girl dreams. I wasn’t always a sex-positive, independent diva of the highest order. I just happened to have some divergent imprinting at an early age that suggested that the traditional family dynamic (married to a dude with 2.5 children, a dog, and a white picket fence)…read more

Embrace Your Foxy Side With This Fresh Take on Boudoir

How often do our partners – the good ones, anyway – attempt to convince us they find our bodies, flaws and all, sexy as hell? But sadly, most women struggle with insecurities about their bodies, which affects their confidence in life and their relationships. We want the lights off during sex, cover certain body parts…read more

This Bride Will Inspire You to Photograph Your Own Wedding Day

Caterer? Check. DJ? Check. Wedding photographer? No need. Most soon-to-be brides hire a professional to capture their special day, but for Liisa Luts, that was totally unnecessary. As a photographer herself, Liisa decided to take her wedding day into her own hands (literally) and document her day, from waking to sleeping, from her perspective. “I…read more

76 Important Books Quick Enough to Read This Weekend

Sometimes when you’re looking for a good book to read, it’s all about a quick fix. Maybe you’re in a book club and you need something that everyone will be able to finish by next meeting. Or maybe you’re going away for the weekend and you want a novel you can have read by Monday….read more