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These Brides Tied the Knot at an Aquarium, and Wow, That Floor-to-Ceiling Fish Tank!

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Three Couples, Two Rings, and One Special Day – This 7-11 Wedding Has the Sweetest Meaning Behind It

Krysta and Martin met while they were both attending school in Daytona Beach, FL. Fast forward to 2016 when Martin proposed to Krysta on Christmas day while they were celebrating the holiday with his family. “It wasn’t until we were planning our wedding did we realize that both of our parents were married on 7-11….read more

8 Signs It’s Time to Break Up With Your Friends

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This Couple Took Sweet Engagement Photos at Publix – Yes, Where Shopping Is a Pleasure

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If These 22 Things Described Your Relationship, You Should Be HAPPY You Broke Up

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30 Times Disney Ripped Out Your Beating Heart and Stomped on It

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10 Reasons to Start a Podcast With Your Partner

In May, Jessie and Gerard bravely went where not many married couples would dare to go when they launched a podcast called Marriage Is Funny. Once a week, they air their marital “dirty laundry” and work through the tough side and poke fun at the humorous side of marriage. Spoiler alert: there are on-air tears,…read more

Couple Dramatically Breaks Up on Flight – and the Whole Thing Is Live Tweeted

We’ve all been there: breakups suck. Hardcore. What would suck even more than your average “it’s not you, it’s me” is receiving that metaphorical slap in the face on a freaking flight, where you’re (literally) buckled in and you basically can’t go anywhere to escape except for the tiny-ass bathroom in the back. We’re cringing…read more

The 22 Reasons You Should Be Relieved the Relationship Ended

Nobody ever jumps for joy after going through a breakup – we’re not going to pretend that you should in any way be celebrating the end of your relationship with Champagne and toasts. Even when everyone around you says that you made the right choice, it can still be hard to let go. I’m speaking…read more

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