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20 Netflix Movies That Are Perfect to Watch on a First Date

Need a good low-key first date idea? Queue a handful of classics on your Netflix. While we still love going to the movies, streaming flicks on Netflix shaves the exorbitant costs of tickets and theater snacks. It’s a savvy option for students and folks on a budget, as long as clear expectations are set (yes,…read more

3's Not a Crowd, It's a Party: These Trio Halloween Costumes Prove It

Trio costumes always stand out in a sea of duos on Halloween, but if your threesome can’t figure out what the heck to be, say no more! We’ve compiled the perfect list of three-people costume ideas that are easy, unique, and totally DIY-able. There won’t be another triplet out there with a costume as unique…read more

A Modern-Day Wedding Etiquette Guide For Couples Planning Their Big Day

While some things never change (gorgeous outfits, delicious food, etc.), weddings today aren’t the same stuffy, tradition-laden parties they used to be. Couples today have a lot more leniency when it comes to etiquette, thanks in part to greater diversity in wedding styles and traditions. But while the traditions themselves may be up for interpretation,…read more

I Hooked Up on School Property in College, and It Was . . . So Hot

I was a virgin going into college, so never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that I’d end up hooking up with someone on school grounds. But I did . . . twice, and it was so exciting. My boyfriend at the time (now husband) and I were adventurous, so after asking if…read more

I Heard That Orgasms Are Better on the 14th Day of Your Cycle, So I Tested It Out

Any day seems like a great day for some intimate “me” time (or time with your partner, but I’m going solo at the moment) to have a mind-blowing orgasm, right? Well, not so fast. According to a study in The Journal of Sexual Medicine, you might be able to have the most amazing orgasm you…read more

Emotional Is an Understatement – These First-Look Wedding Photos Will Make You Swoon

Hands down, one of the most amazing views you’ll ever see is that of your soulmate on your wedding day. From when they are walking down the aisle to the moment you put a ring on their finger, feelings of love, joy, and pure happiness are hard to hide. But, the first look might be…read more

Hooking Up in College? Here Are 7 Tips For Always Making Sure You're Safe

College can be an extremely liberating time. In addition to living on your own and making new friends, it’s also the perfect time to explore your sexuality and learn more about your own personal preferences in the bedroom. But you always want to make sure you’re being safe – on all fronts – and that…read more

These 60+ Romantic Series Will Get Your Heart Racing in the Best Way – Stream Them on Netflix Now!

If you’re in the mood for a romance-fueled TV show, Netflix has got you covered. There’s nothing better than a little love to keep a series interesting, exciting, and oh-so romantic. Whether you want to laugh, cry, or both, we’ve rounded up the best romantic shows that are streaming on Netflix right now. From forbidden…read more

I Think Hinge Is the Best Dating App – Here's Why

I grew up watching romantic comedies, thinking that one day I was going to meet my prince charming in a very cute way, be serenaded or chased in the airport, and live happily ever after. But then I grew up. Once I started college, everything was different. I was introduced to hookup culture, which meant…read more

The Most Important Thing You Can Do For a Friend? Just Show Up

It was the middle of a New York City Winter, and I remember the thick snow pounding my face as I navigated my way to one of my favorite wine bars on the Upper East Side. There was already at least six inches of snow on the ground, but my two best girlfriends and I…read more

101- and 96-Year-Old Sisters Can't Stop Arguing, and It's Hilarious

Some things never change. If you’ve got siblings, you know that bickering and teasing will always be a part of your relationship, no matter how old you get. These two elderly sisters, “Gramma and Ginga,” just made that clear in the most hilarious video. The 96- and 101-year-old sisters cannot stop arguing about hearing aids,…read more

10 Reasons to Start a Podcast With Your Partner

In May, Jessie and Gerard bravely went where not many married couples would dare to go when they launched a podcast called Marriage Is Funny. Once a week, they air their marital “dirty laundry” and work through the tough side and poke fun at the humorous side of marriage. Spoiler alert: there are on-air tears,…read more

Couple Dramatically Breaks Up on Flight – and the Whole Thing Is Live Tweeted

We’ve all been there: breakups suck. Hardcore. What would suck even more than your average “it’s not you, it’s me” is receiving that metaphorical slap in the face on a freaking flight, where you’re (literally) buckled in and you basically can’t go anywhere to escape except for the tiny-ass bathroom in the back. We’re cringing…read more

The 22 Reasons You Should Be Relieved the Relationship Ended

Nobody ever jumps for joy after going through a breakup – we’re not going to pretend that you should in any way be celebrating the end of your relationship with Champagne and toasts. Even when everyone around you says that you made the right choice, it can still be hard to let go. I’m speaking…read more

50 Real-Girl Engagement Rings to Swoon Over

If you’re waiting for your significant other to pop the question – or maybe you just like daydreaming about that distant day in the future – girl, do we have some inspiration for you. We’ve searched Instagram for the most darling, jaw-dropping, cool-girl engagement rings from real ladies who recently had their beloved #putaringonit. Pore…read more

7 Days of Sex? You Can Do It

OK, so sometimes we all might be a little guilty of shirking some of our sexier responsibilities when we are too busy, had a long day at work, or are not quite in the mood. There are plenty of ways to spice up your relationship with your significant other, but this 7-day challenge puts the…read more

Single Ladies! Be Bold and Take Our 30-Day Challenge

It matters not if you think single life is a plight or you find it to be a breeze; it’s never a bad idea to push yourself out of your comfort zone and see what happens! We’ve come up with 30 ways – both daring and simple – that you can change things up in…read more

Disney Princesses Like You've Never Seen Them

Though as adults we may cringe at princess culture and the outdated stereotypes that come along with it, there’s just something special about the Disney princesses we grew up with like Cinderella, Belle, Snow White, Aurora, and Ariel. And they aren’t all damsels in distress; the newer crop of the crowned ladies have attempted to be…read more

Think Outside the Princess Box With These Creative Disney Costumes

Have you been a Disney princess in some shape or form for pretty much every Halloween since you were old enough to say “Ariel”? We’re right there with you. If you’ve covered all of your Disney princess costume bases, then journey with us this year to the other side of Disney – a side that’s…read more

You'll Fall in Love With Every Detail of This Autumn Wedding

Tabathia and Matt’s big day was everything that a classic wedding should be – it was bright, airy, and joyful in every sense. As South Carolina natives, the couple decided on a charming Charleston wedding, celebrating intimately with their friends and family. Perhaps the most adorable guest in attendance was Matt’s son, Macon, who served…read more