People With These Birthday Colors Make the Best Partners

Certain zodiac signs are more compatible with some than others, but a person’s birthday color can also reveal if they hold characteristics of a good partner. Intuitive, astrologer, and numerologist Michele Bernhardt looked to colorstrology (yes, it’s a real thing!) to assign a Pantone color to every date of the year. Using a combination of sun signs, ruling planets, numerology, and astrology, Bernhardt paired 366 days with a hue that best embodies the person born on that date.

We studied her book, Colorstrology: What Your Birthday Color Says About You, and identified birthday colors with traits of an amazing significant other. Partner-oriented, loving, and romantic were just a few criteria we used. To see where you or your partner stand, see if your birthday falls under the 18 colors below!

Source: Suger

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