Thank Heavens, My Zodiac Sign Changed to Ophiuchus – It's a Much Better Fit

It’s been a weird week, you guys. Not only did I discover my Patronus is an ADDER (a poisonous snake – gross), but apparently I am not a Sagittarius: I am an Ophiuchus, aka the “snake bearer,” the new zodiac sign for anyone born from Nov. 29 to Dec. 17. While the Patronus is a bummer for this Ravenclaw (no offense, Slytherins), I’m actually quite relieved to embrace this new-but-not-new, unofficial sign.

I’ve never felt 100 percent comfortable with being a Sagittarius, as I couldn’t relate to the sign’s personality traits such as adventurous, courageous, philosophical, and, the big one, outdoorsy. But after researching Ophiuchus and reaching out to astrology expert and health and wellness coach Didi Wong, I think I may have found a closer fit!

Here are some of the traits associated with this controversial 13th zodiac sign. If you’re an Ophiuchus, can you relate?

Source: Suger

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