These Disney Princesses Reimagined as Young Boys Are Making Me Emotional

You may have seen your fair share of reimagined Disney princesses, but we’ve found some illustrations that will truly tug at your heartstrings. These pieces of art, designed by Frank Figueredo, are re-creations of the traditional princesses as young boys, proving that they’re role models for every gender. He shared five images of reimagined Disney princesses while still staying true to their traditional costumes and accessories.

Figueredo’s goal is to express that princesses aren’t only for girls. Instead, he admires their stories and souls through his artwork. He sees the princesses as warriors who are adventurous and fulfill their dreams, and we totally agree. Who doesn’t aspire to have those qualities? Those attributes aren’t limited to just women or men exclusively, and these illustrations express that beautifully.

Keep scrolling to see all of Figueredo’s illustrations in detail, and make sure to check out the rest of his fantastic pieces of artwork on Instagram.

Source: Suger

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