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These Grooms Went All Out For Their Wedding, Just Wait Until You See the Swarovski Tux! | Jejee Blog

These Grooms Went All Out For Their Wedding, Just Wait Until You See the Swarovski Tux!

Cameron and Daniel are living proof that dating apps work. The pair originally locked eyes at a Pride festival in South Carolina, and at that moment Cameron knew Daniel was someone special. After hunting through the dating app, Grindr, Cameron found Daniel and asked him on a date, to which Cameron obliged. The couple has been together ever since.

The pair’s wedding day was truly magical. Cameron and Daniel chose the South Carolina State Museum in Columbia, SC, as their wedding venue, where the duo put a lot of effort into making their big day feel special. “For about 90 percent who attended it was their first gay wedding, and we wanted to make sure they felt the love and remembered our special day for years to come,” said Cameron. The couple called their wedding theme “art deco Southern glam,” and it featured so many unique twists. From their friend Justin officiating their wedding in full drag as “Bootsie LeFaris” to their armadillo wedding cake – they cut off a “nice piece of ass” in reference to the Southern movie Steel Magnolias – to the tacos and pizza they served at the reception, the wedding was uniquely exceptional. For their wedding party, Cameron had “groomsmaids” on his side and Daniel had men and one woman, who wore a suit to match the theme.

Not only was their wedding one-of-a-kind, but their suits were just as special. Daniel chose a pink ASOS suit (his favorite color) customized with Swarovski crystals. He accented the look with a decorative bowtie and a customized pair of loafers. Cameron wore a navy tux with black lapels and sparkly loafers. Together, the two literally shined down the aisle.

All in all, Cameron and Daniel’s wedding day was filled with fun Southern charm. Even photographer Jessica Hunt felt the love, saying, “There are some days as a wedding photographer I can show up on the wedding day and feel that everything is going to go flawlessly. Daniel and Cameron’s South Carolina State Museum wedding was one of those kinds of wedding days.” See all of the glamourous photos from this Southern art deco wedding, ahead!

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