These Guys Took Their Tinder Photos in Ikea, and It's Hilarious

We all know a good profile photo is worth a thousand “likes,” and if you’ve ever been on Tinder, you know your photo can make or break that swipe. And clearly, guys know this well. One Imgur user blew up his friends’ spots after uploading a series of hilarious photos with the caption, “My friends went to IKEA because they wanted ‘good Tinder’ photos for their profiles.”

After scrolling through the images, we can’t say we blame the guys for going to such extreme lengths for a photo. The Ikea sets are flawless, the lighting is great, and we love seeing a guy in the kitchen, even if it’s staged. Plus, kudos to the guys for taking the time to be this artsy. Now, only one question remains: what are their Tinder names?!

Source: Suger

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