These Newlyweds Celebrated Their Marriage With a Sweet At-Home Photo Session

When Ryan and Molly returned from their honeymoon, the couple decided to get newlywed pictures taken as their wedding gift to each other. Since the first year of marriage is so special, they wanted to capture those memories in their adopted hometown of Indianapolis with their rescue dog, Yoda. It was important that the photos reflected their family in their natural element, so it was an easy choice to have them taken in their house.

The two were in a long-distance relationship for nearly five years, and would often dream about the day they’d be able to be together under one roof in their “little yellow house.” That house became a symbol for them and helped them get through their nights apart until Molly finally moved in with Ryan.

While shopping for holiday decorations for their first Christmas together, they spotted a little yellow cottage ornament covered in snow. They hung it every year on the tree, dreaming of that house. While casually scrolling through Zillow for potential homes, there on the screen was a yellow Victorian cottage for sale. They took a tour the next day and knew it was meant to be. As Molly and Ryan carried in their first boxes a couple months later, the roof of their little yellow house began to cover with snow, looking identical to the ornament they bought years before.

See their sweet at-home photos!

Source: Suger

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