This Artist Created Beautiful Racebent Versions of Frozen's Elsa and Anna

What would Disney princesses look like if they were more diverse? Disney fans have been calling for more representation of different races, and Tumblr user juliajm15 recently took matters into her own hands when she created racebent versions of the beloved Frozen princesses Anna and Elsa. The images emphasize the beauty of diversity and reiterate the importance of casting a wider net of inclusion when creating characters that children and adults alike know and love. The response on this Brazilian artist’s Tumblr was overwhelmingly positive.

One commenter said, “Thank you so much for drawing black Elsa. As a black female, I kinda feel discouraged to cosplay due to my skin tone but seeing artists do things like that make me feel like ai [sic] can be confident and do it,” while many others joined in to request more racebent versions of their favorite characters. We love this amazing trend and can’t wait to see what more artists can come up with!

Source: Suger

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