This Artist Smashes Stereotypes by Giving Male Superheroes a Sexy, Pinup-Style Makeover

In David Talaski-Brown‘s mind, Thor doesn’t wear a red cape and full-body armor – he rocks a pink polka-dotted robe, green Hulk slippers, and, well, that’s about it. A 29-year-old artist from Portland, OR, David is flipping the script with male superheroes, giving them a sexy makeover as a nod to the way scantily clad female superheroes are traditionally depicted.

“There’s always been a lack of sexy male art on comic convention floors,” the artist told POPSUGAR. “I thought this would be a fun way to create some equal opportunity when I tabled at my first convention last year. I’ve always been a big fan of midcentury pinup artists like Gil Elvgren, and the idea of putting male superheroes in similar poses and situations typically portrayed with women felt appropriate and cheeky.”

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And cheeky they are! David’s illustrations, which he paints digitally using the Procreate app on his iPad before adding the finishing touches in Photoshop, show a whole lotta skin, and sometimes even subtle peeks at the character’s derriere. David’s art has garnered positive reactions far and wide – so much so that his Etsy shop, which sells prints of his sexy male superheroes, is constantly selling out. Ahead, admire David’s unique depictions of Star-Lord, T’Challa, Doctor Strange, and more. Our fingers are crossed for sexy Spider-Man and Hulk portraits soon!

Source: Suger

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