This Bride Made 20 DIY Food-Inspired Piñatas For Her "Summer BBQ" Wedding, and They Were a Hit!

Jenn and Julian were both new to the city of San Francisco when they first met at a house party, so they decided to explore the city together, and that soon turned into numerous dinner dates. The pair are big foodies and wanted to have a fun and laid-back wedding – almost like a relaxed Summer BBQ vibe. “We picked tablecloths that felt like picnic tables, opted for a pie bar instead of a wedding cake, and provided outdoor games like cornhole and bocce ball,” Jenn said. This created a delightful atmosphere for a wedding full of fun, laughter, and joy at Depot Park in Sonoma, CA. However, the standout feature of this wedding was the centerpieces of the tables, which were food-themed piñatas that the bride made herself.

“This was a true labor of love, and once I made around 6-7, I quickly regretted committing to making 20 piñatas, but by then I was in too deep and had to power through!” Jenn said. All the blood, sweat, and tears paid off when it came to the DIY piñatas, because the end results were amazing and the wedding guests loved them. You could even say the piñatas were a big hit with the guests. Make sure to check out the photos, and see how Jenn’s incredible piñatas turned out!

Source: Suger

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