This Couple Got a Second Chance at Their "First Look," and It Was Worth the Wait

Even though Solomon and Jourdan tied the knot over a year ago, they did not get the opportunity to take some stunning first-look photos that they were looking forward to. “Nothing went according to our game plan,” said Jourdan, who wanted beautiful and romantic portraits of her husband seeing her in her wedding dress for the very first time. So the couple decided to take matters into their own hands and get some gorgeous wedding photos in their second year of marriage.

“When they reached out to me for some portraits, and after hearing their story, I suggested we go the extra step and re-create a first look and create new memories,” said Elina Levy, the photographer who captured these amazing photos. “We arranged for a cake from the local bakery, a beautiful bouquet, and an intimate table setting.”

While Solomon opted to wear his original suit from their wedding day, Jourdan wore a new white gown so that the experience of Solomon seeing her in a wedding dress for the first time would be authentic, resulting in heartfelt first-look photos.

This photo shoot took place on the sandy shores of Bling Pass Beach in Florida, which was the perfect backdrop for this breathtaking shoot. Make sure to see all the moving photos ahead!

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