This Couple Took Their Wedding Photos at Cracker Barrel, and I Just Dropped My Biscuit

Who doesn’t love Cracker Barrel’s giant checkers set, kitschy souvenirs, and old-timey rocking chairs that seem impossible to get up from once seated? (We couldn’t possibly even get started on those biscuits.) One couple love it all so much that they shot their wedding photos at one Cracker Barrel store in Christiansburg, VA. Even better? That’s where they both work!

Katrina and Travis Nelson met on the job five years ago after Katrina was transferred to the Cracker Barrel store where Travis worked. The two struck up a romance a year into working alongside each other, and following their engagement, the couple had a sweet photo shoot in their work uniforms. It only made sense then that they would make a pit stop at the store for their wedding photos. The result was so heartwarming and personal.

The photo shoot caught the attention of Cracker Barrel, too. The company congratulated Katrina and Travis on Instagram, writing, “Our very own lovely waitress and chef have found love right in our home and we couldn’t be more excited to share the news with y’all!” Check out the beautiful and unique photos ahead.

Source: Suger

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