This Couple's Sweet Proposal Story Will Melt Even the Coldest of Hearts

The first time Sofia met Josh was at church, and he immediately made her laugh. In time, he finally asked if he could give her a call. The two exchanged numbers and chatted for a couple months before their first official date, which was held 27 stories high at a restaurant. “I want you to see yourself as high up as I see you,” Josh said as he held her hand.

Two years later, Sofia went to Atlanta for a girls’ trip and realized that she and her friends were visiting the same spots she had been with Josh. As she was reminiscing about their time together, Sofia noticed his family walking toward her. They were by the fountains, and when the water dropped back down, Josh was standing at the center. He got down on one knee and asked for her hand in marriage, to which she responded, “of course,” but she wished her family was with them during the special moment. The water flew back up and the second it came down, Sofia’s family was revealed! Josh had flown in everyone to celebrate with them.

For the couple’s engagement photos, they spent the late afternoon at Le Meridien Hotel in Charlotte, NC, capturing shots around the hotel grounds. It was such a fun combination of formal and casual.

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Source: Suger

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